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Articles about adding, removing accounts and permissions and password management.

Classroom & Labs

Articles about CofC classroom technology and departmental computer labs.

Email, Calendar, & Messages

Articles about Cmail, Outlook, Yammer, Listserv & Distribution Lists

Wi-Fi, Internet, & Networking

Articles about CofC Secure, CofC Guest and Wired Network Connections.

Information Security

Articles about Security Assessment, antivirus, and phishing

Computers & Printers

Articles about computer repair and purchasing, printing and copying

Desktop Software & Programs

Articles covering Adobe Creative Cloud and other software requests


Articles about Campus support for
telephone equipment
mobile devices.

Applications & Programming Services

Articles about
Banner INB/SSB, and BDM/BDMS


Articles from TLT

Other Campus Services

Info concerning Non-IT services offered by other Campus departments, Cougar Card, Dining Dollars, etc.

Student Instructional Technology Services (SITS)

Articles for student technology.

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How do I submit a request for assistance with Information Technology?

One of the ways to submit requests for technical assistance from College of Charleston Information Technology is the online portal allows 24/7 access, keep in mind new requests are processed during the normally scheduled workday.

No Video On a Docked Laptop (Mac/Windows)

A docked laptop is producing no video to the external monitors attached to the dock

What is a knowledge base article?

The knowledge base is a collection of articles containing information that my describe solutions. Some articles are not viewable by everyone. Articles can be used to solve issues without having to wait for Information Technology.