Known Issues and Work-Arounds

Common errors, their causes and ways to make it work!

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Audio files from WW Norton not loading in OAKS Quiz

Audio files from WW Norton embedded in OAKS Quiz not playing properly in some web browsers.

Can't access OAKS quiz - Error: Page Not Found

Can't access a quiz or test linked in OAKS Content or News.

Can't sign in to VoiceThread in OAKS

How to successfully sign into VoiceThread from within OAKS.

I am not able to log into OAKS

For Faculty and Staff that have the correct username and password

My Course doesn't show up in neither OAKS nor MyCharleston

What to do if you don't have any courses in OAKS or MyCharleston.

OAKS Class Enrollment

Student is not in my OAKS class list and can't access the course.

OAKS Gradebook is not showing a text grade in the grade column

OAKS Gradebook is not showing a text grade in the grade column

OAKS Gradebook- Select box

Students cannot see a select box grade entered by the Instructor. Instructor needs to select to show students "Grade Scheme" in settings.

OAKS shows the wrong email for me

How to fix an incorrect email address in OAKS. Normally occurs when a previous student is now Faculty or Staff in OAKS.

OAKS: "My Courses" area shows a Spinning Wheel

How can I access my courses when the my courses section does not load?

Oops - File Cannot be Uploaded in OAKS

Receiving an error when trying to upload a file in OAKS.

Student can't access OAKS courses prior to the first day of class

Can't access OAKS courses prior to the first day of class.

Student needs access to an old OAKS course in order to complete assignments

How a student can see an old OAKS course in order to make up an incomplete in a course.

Students having problems viewing videos in OAKS

Because OAKS is a web-based application, browser settings normally contribute to the inability of some students to see course material. Many times this troubleshooting has to be done on a per-student basis. However, with media, many times the problem results from their computer blocking specific types of content. This can be easily unblocked so that your student can view the material.

Student's quiz submission did not go through

How to submit a quiz on behalf of a student who couldn't submit it due to technical issues.

Unable to access OAKS

What to do when you get an Error 500 in OAKS.

VoiceThread is missing from my OAKS homepage

How to restore the VoiceThread link to your OAKS Homepage.

Why don’t I see my course in OAKS? - Student

Student - Learn how to determine what may be the cause of your courses not displaying in OAKS.