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PCs & Windows, Macs & macOS, plus mobile devices.

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PCs and Windows

Windows computers and laptops, Windows 7 and 10, computer loaner information and issues.

MACs and macOS

Mac desktops and laptops and macOS instructions and issues.

iPhones and iPads

iPhone and iPad instructions and issues.


Andriod installation instructions.

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Pinned Article Keyboard Not Working

This article lists troubleshooting steps to resolve a keyboard not working.

Pinned Article Monitor Not Working

Here are some troubleshooting steps when your external computer monitor isn't working.

Adjusting Mouse Settings

How to get to the Mouse settings on your computer

Allow Pop-Ups Safari 13.5 and earlier

How to allow pop-ups for websites in Safari 12.0.

Back-UPS ES Battery Giving Tone and Flashing Light

This article explains how to address a Back-Ups ES battery that is giving a contant tone and a flashing light.

Bluetooth Mouse/Keyboard is not Working

Troubleshoot why your bluetooth wireless mouse is not connected.

Built-In Audio is Not Working

Restarting or installing updates will likely resolve issues with built-in audio

Cannot Type Numbers

Resolve issues with the SHIFT key seemingly to be stuck.

Centralized Computer Replacement Guidelines

Summary of IT Replacement and Procurement Guidelines

Change Desktop Background

How to personalize your Desktop Background in Windows 10.

Change Which Monitor is the Primary Monitor

Auto-arranged icons will arrange themselves on your primary monitor. It is possible to change which monitor is set as the primary monitor. Here's how.

Check if your Laptop has a Microphone/Webcam

How to check if your laptop (MAc and PC) have a build-in microphone and webcam.

College of Charleston Computer Standards

Standard computer models for College of Charleston

Computer Connector and Port Reference Guide

Includes a reference chart of computer connectors and ports. This will help you identify what type of cable you will need to connect your external device to your computer.

Computer Hardware Repair Guidelines

IT's guidelines for repairing computers including life expectancy, when IT will make repairs, and what IT will repair.

Computer Procurement Guidelines

The College will replace one computer per person, oldest to newest. All other computers would be purchased by department.

Computer Won't Power On

This article describes things to check when a computer won't boot up because it is not receiving power.

Control Application Actions in Firefox

This article describes how to set how Firefox treats certain applications in a browser session, such as whether it automatically saves or previews a document.

Correct Monitor Distortion

This article describes how to update display adapter drivers on a PC, or update display settings on a Mac. This should help correct potential monitor distortions that can be common when the display software is out of date or corrupted.

Cracked or Chipped iPad Screen

IT does not repair iPad screens. Individuals or departments may arrange repairs with Apple at their own expense

Departmental Computer Purchase Guidelines

Includes departmental purchase guidelines and how to begin the purchase process

Disabling Private Addresses when connecting to Network

Apple iOS 14 devices, WatchOS 7 and later devicesas well as Android 10 and later devices will use private MAC addresses by default when connecting to each SSID/Wifi Name. This may cause the device to the rejected from joining the network.

Enable/Disable Airplane Mode

Used to enable/disable airplane mode

Equipment for College Events

This article provides alternative for clients in need of equipment not loaned by IT.

How do I tell my OS?

This article describes how you can find out what operating system and version your computer is running so that you can be sure to install compatible software.

How To Upgrade to MacOS Big Sur

How To Upgrade to MacOS Big Sur

How to Wake Up or Turn on Computer

How to wake up a desktop computer or laptop

I Can't Move My Mouse Cursor from One Monitor to the Next

This article describes how to swap the monitor order so that your cursor moves from one monitor to the next on the edge they are beside each other.

IP Address Conflict

Resolve IP Address Conflict errors by obtaining a new IP address.

Laptop Battery Won't Stay Charged

May be an issue with the battery, power cord, or circuitry

Malware Detection (Students)

Instructions for using MalwareBytes to detect malware on student-owned computers

No keyboard input

Learn how to correct a keyboard that won't function correctly on your Computer.

No Video On a Docked Laptop (Mac/Windows)

A docked laptop is producing no video to the external monitors attached to the dock

PC Reservation Software in Addlestone Library

Explains how to help an affiliate library patron use the PC Reservation software to reserve a computer.

PDF Files Try to Save vs. Print

Set Adobe to print to the specified printer rather than printing to a file.

Print School Schedule

How to print out their Class Schedule.

Remote Desktop Connection Hangs on Configuring Remote Session

Resolve Issues with RDP getting stuck on the "Configuring Remote Session" step

Remotely Connect to Mac

Using screen sharing to remotely connect to a mac computer

Replace Battery Back Up (UPS)

Your departmental admin can provide you with a replacement UPS.

Resolve Errors when you Update or Restore iPhone/iPad/iPod

How to recover from an error when attempting to update or restore your Apple device from iTunes.

Set up a WebCam

Set up a webcam.

Setting up an Exchange Email Account on My iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

Setting up an Exchange Email Account on your Apple Device

Slow Computer

Troubleshoot why your computer is being slow.

Slow Mac Computer

Try this if your mac computer is being slow.

Slow Mac: Kernel_task is using 300% of CPU

How to address a slow mac computer when the kernel_task process is the cause

Switch Out of S mode in Windows 10 and 11

How to disable S Mode in Windows 10 or 11

Transfer Photos from iPad to Windows 10

There are many ways to transfer photos from your iPhone or iPad to another device

Who do I contact to surplus a device?

How can I surplus IT equipment such as iPads, laptops, desktops, cell phones, etc.

Windows computer won't Boot

Basic steps to cover when a computer won't boot, before escalating to field techs.

Windows Factory Reset (Students)

Instructions for using the Reset this PC feature of Windows 10 and Windows 8

You do not have enough space in iCloud

If your iCloud account has reached its size limit, you are no longer able to save photos, videos, notes, documents, backups, etc. to your iCloud account. The options are to reduce what is being stored in your account, or buy more storage with a subscription.

Can't Find What You're Looking For?

How to use the Self-Service portal, submit a ticket, or contact the IT Service Desk.