iPhone and iPad instructions and issues.

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Pinned Article iPhone Frozen

This article describes how to force a restart on an iPhone.

Add a Photo to an Existing Album on an iPad

You can add new photos to existing Albums on your iPad.

Apple ID Account Help

Get help with your Apple ID account

Back Up iPhone

Learn how to back up your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

Comparison of Apple A10 Fusion and A12 Bionic Processors

This article provides information regarding specification comparisons for the Apple A10 Fusion and A12 Bionic processors that will prove useful before purchasing an Apple device.

Enable/Disable Cellular Data on iPhone

How to enable or disable use of cellular data on your iPhone.

iPad Disabled

This article will show the user how to restore an iPad while being locked out.

iPhone - Change Email Sync Duration

This article describes how to change the setting that determines how long emails are view-able from your iPhone.

iPhone Stuck at "Checking for Updates."

This article describes how to repair an iPhone that is stuck at "Checking for Updates" in Settings > General > Software Updates by resetting Network Settings.

Restarting an iPad

This article provides instructions on how to power off an iPad.

Set up Touch ID on an iPhone or iPad

Instructions for setting up Touch ID on iOS

Share a Photo from iPad

This article shows you how you can share a photo stored on your iPad.

Transfer Content from one iOS Device to Another

It is possible to transfer content from one iOS device to another using Quick Start, iCloud, or iTunes.