Accessing and using your Cmail account.

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Pinned Article Email Student Groups (Majors/Minors/Enrolled/etc.)

This article describes how to email all students in a given major/minor or all students enrolled in a certain term.

Pinned Article Log into Cmail the First Time

Describes how to find out what your Cmail address is, what the initial password is, and where to log in.

Change Cmail Display Name

This article describes how to change the display name in a Gmail account.

Cmail Synchronization Error - "Uh Oh, Some or part of this process didn't go entireley to script..."

Try the default password. If still not working, Service Desk can reset the password using Google Admin.

Cmail/Google Apps - Password Reset (Synchronize Your Google Apps Password with Your MyCharleston/MyPortal Password)

How students and employees can synchronize their Cmail/Google Apps password with their MyCharleston/MyPortal password

Combine Personal Account and Google Apps Account

How to Combine Personal Account and Google Apps Account

Enable or Disable Cmail forwarding

Instructions for enabling or disabling forwarding from Cmail

Google Account (Cmail) Access for Alumni

This article provides information on Google account access for alumni, including recent policy changes.

Google Account Automatically Signs In To My Personal Account

Tips for staying signed out or signed in to your Google Account

Open attached files in Cmail

Explains how to view and open an attachment in Cmail.

Recover Deleted Messages (Cmail- Student Email)

This article provides information on how to delete and recover deleted messages in Cmail (Student email).

Remove Cmail Account

This article answers the questions of when/if/how the Cmail account can be removed.

Set Up Cmail on iPad or iPhone

Set up your student gmail account on an iOS device (iPad, iPhone).