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Accessing MyCharleston, OAKS, Multi-factor authorization, eBill and a lot more!

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MyCharleston Access

MyCharleston account information and known issues.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Setting up and using multi-factor authorization to verify access.

OAKS Access

Accessing OAKS and known issues.

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Pinned Article Get Login Assistance

Includes how to locate MyCharleston login, locate CWID, how to reset your password, and how to get further assistance.

Pinned Article Locate My CWID

This article describes how a student or employee can locate their CWID.

Pinned Article Password Changes: Extended Expiration and Character Length

KB from the email sent o 2/24/2020 about changes on PW expiration and length.

Pinned Article Self Service Password Reset

Summary of Self-Service Password Reset

Apple ID Account Help

Get help with your Apple ID account

Authorized Users eBill Login Help

This article describes how an eBill authorized user can use the Office of the Treasurer's self service tools to reset their account password.

Birthdate or SSN Correction

People will not be able to locate their CWID or MyCharleston login if their birthdate or SSN are incorrect. They must submit a correction form to the appropriate office to get it corrected.

Blog Password

Help with resetting the password for a blog.

Call Center Login

How to set up your call center phone so that you are not prompted for a password on login.

Can't Login to Employer Handshake Account

Learn what to do when a faculty can't login to handshake.

Conflicting Google Apps Accounts

This article provides information on resolving conflicting Google Apps account issues.

Cougar Card Portal Login Assistance

This article provides steps for logging into the Cougar Card Portal and troubleshooting for anyone having issues.

Employee Account Expired

Contact IT when your account is expired.

Error: Not assigned a role for the application

Newly admitted students may need to wait a day to access OAKS, Office 365, or related accounts.

Find My Permanent Credentials

This article describes what to do if a new student has not received permanent MyCharleston credentials yet.

Forgot Passcode for Apple Device

This article describes steps for accessing your iPhone when the passcode is not working.

How do I register my account for the Self-Service Password Feature?

The Self-Service Password reset allow you to reset, unlock, and change your College of Charleston password on your own.

I Need to Reset My Password

This article includes links you can use to reset your own password, and how to get help if you still can't log in.

iCloud keeps prompting for Sign-In after Multi-Factor Enabled

App passwords may be required for some applications to work after multi-factor is enabled.

Locate Your Username

This article describes how to look up your username.

Log Into Secure Share with a Shared Email Address

Requirements for logging into SecureShare using a shared email address

Login to my Parking Portal Account

The Parking Portal uses the same credentials as your MyCharleston login/username.

MFA: Common Problems and Solutions

Two-factor verification can help to stop malicious hackers from pretending to be you, because even if they have your password, odds are that they don't have your device, too.

There are some common two-factor verification problems that seem to happen more frequently than any of us would like. We've put together this article hoping to address the most common problems and some possible fixes.

MFA: Outlook keeps asking for a password on my mobile device

Learn what to do is the exchange account on a mobile device keeps asking for a password, or display as an incorrect password.

MyCharleston Account Expired Due to Inactivity

Use Self Service Password to unlock your account and reset the password.

MyCharleston System Error Can't Service request to /cp/home/login

The error "System Error Can't Service request to /cp/home/login" can indicate an issue with MyCharleston that needs to be resolved by the administrator.

MyCofC Alumni Access

This article describes the Office of Alumni Relations' MyCofC alumni portal.

Pulse Secure is Blank

If Pulse Secure is blank and will not allow you to add a new connection, this article will help you fix it.

Release of Directory Information Help

This article describes how to control what information a student shares via the Directory.

Unlock Authorized User Account

An Authorized User account will become locked after too many unsuccessful attempts to login. Wait 30 minutes for the account to become unlocked.

ViaTRM Login

How do I log in to ViaTRM?

Why register for SSPR (Self Service Password Reset)

Discover the benefits of registering for self-service password reset.

I Would Like to Change My Password

There are several methods employees and students can use to reset their own passwords. This article lists those options.

Can't Find What You're Looking For?

How to use the Self-Service portal, submit a ticket, or contact the IT Service Desk.