Setting up and using multi-factor authorization to verify access.

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Blank Outlook Authentication Window

When one is asked to authenticate in Microsoft Outlook and the window that appears is blank and them from authenticating, the issue can be resolved by clearing saved Office credentials in Credentials Manager.

Change Security Info for MFA or SSPR

It is possible to change your security information for your account. View this article for steps on how to update it.

Installing Microsoft Authenticator

Instructions on how to install the Microsoft Authenticator.

Microsoft Authenticator App Locked

The App Lock for Microsoft Authenticator is enabled by default, but you can deactivate it if you like.

Request to Disable Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Employees without a phone may obtain a hard token to authenticate for MFA.

Set Up Multi-Factor Authentication

Instructions for setting up MFA the first time you log into your CofC account

Set Up the Microsoft Authenticator App

How to set up the Authenticator App for Multi-Factor Authentication on a College of Charleston account.