Networking, Files and Storage

OneDrive set-up, VPN and general file issues.

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OneDrive access, set-up and known issues.


Installation and issues when use Pulse Secure.

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Pinned Article Create a Shortcut to a Network Folder on your Desktop

This article describes how to add a shortcut on the desktop to a network drive.

Accessing Files from Former Employee's Computer

How do I access files that my predecessor saved on the computer?

Connect to a CofC Network Drive - Off Campus

How to connect to CofC network drives while off campus

Connect to a Network Drive (Mac)

Connect to a drive or server on the CofC network on a Mac.

File Locked for Editing

What you can do when a file is locked for editing

File Won't Open

Help me figure out why I can't open this file.

Microsoft Remote Desktop General Connection Help

This article describes some basic troubleshooting that can be done to to help identify issues when connecting to a machine or server via Microsoft Remote Desktop.

Network Drive connection - Windows

Learn how to connect to a Network Drive.

Reducing Hotspot Data Usage

This article contains tips for reducing data usage on Verizon Jetpack Hotspots loaned by the college to avoid connection throttling.

Saving CofC Files

This article describes options for employees to save files.

Servers, File or Folders - Requesting permission to have access

Find out how to get permission to IT controlled servers, files and folders.

Sharing Files with Secure Share

Share files securely with SecureShare.

Unlock a Locked File

How to get access to a file that has been locked for editing by someone else.

Vendor Network Access Request

How do I request for a vendor to gain access to our network and/or VPN?

VPN - Computer Security is Unsatisfactory

I am unable to connect to VPN because my computer security is unsatisfactory.

Can't Find What You're Looking For?

How to use the Self-Service portal, submit a ticket, or contact the IT Service Desk.