OneDrive access, set-up and known issues.

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Pinned Article Get Started with OneDrive

Summary regarding using OneDrive for Business

Pinned Article OneDrive - Emergency Backup

To Backup files, log into OneDrive, click upload then select the files you would like to upload to OneDrive (this is only to be used for official College business only)

Access Denied Error When Opening OneDrive in Office 365 Portal

This article explains how to resolve an access denied error that can occur when attempting to open OneDrive in the Office 365 portal, when all other apps or accessible.

OneDrive - How to upload a file

Explains how to upload a file to OneDrive. Includes MSFT video.

Onedrive notifications when shared file is edited

How to send alerts when a shared folder or document in OneDrive is edited

OneDrive Restore deleted files and (previous file versions)

OneDrive for CofC retains deleted files for 93 days. Use OneDrive web app to restore files.

OneDrive Shared Files & Folders

You can view Shared OneDrive Files/Folders online or set up shortcuts in File Explorer.

OneDrive Sync error

OneDrive sync error caused by special characters "% #" being in the name. Also files ending in "xxx.url"

OneDrive Syncing Issue - MAC

Learn how to fix OneDrive sync issues on Mac.

OneDrive: "Which library do you want to sync?" and "Paste your library URL here (You'll find your documents in File Explorer)."

This article describes what to do when OneDrive prompts for a File Library location to sync with the message "Which library do you want to sync?" followed by "Paste your library URL here (You'll find your documents in File Explorer)."

Sharing Outside of Organization is Greyed Out

How to share a file on OneDrive with anyone outside of the College - the option is greyed out and it says "Your organization is preventing you from selecting this option."

Sign In to the OneDrive App

How do I sign into the OneDrive app after it is installed on my computer?

Transfer Ownership of a OneDrive Folder/File

This article describes how to best transfer ownership of a file or folder stored in a personal College of Charleston OneDrive account.