Where and how to print plus common issues.

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Pinned Article Adding Network Printers on Windows

How to add a printer that is on the CofC network to your Windows computer or laptop.

Pinned Article How to install a local printer on Windows

Issue with installing printer on windows 10 machines can be fixed by downloading the installation software online.

Add a Printer to your Personal Computer

This article describes how to add a CofC network printer to your personal laptop to print while on campus.

Add Accounting Code to Printer Settings

Add the accounting code to your printer settings.

Adobe Acrobat: "The document could not be printed" Error

This article describes a temporary workaround for "The document could not be printed" error when attempting to print PDFs in Adobe Acrobat.

Alternatives to Home Printing

Procurement denies purchases related to home printing. IT should assess needs and offer alternative solutions.

Changing Default Printer in Windows

How to change the default printer in Windows

Color Printing in Addlestone Library

How to print in color in Addlestone Library

How to find a printer's IP address

This article includes instructions on finding a College-owned network printer's IP address.

Mobile Release Printing

This article describes how to print using Mobile Release at Addlestone Library

Order Toner

What should I do when the printer is low on toner?

Print a Poster in Bell 216

Printing a poster to the printer in Bell 216 will require specific settings.

Print double-sided documents

Instructions for double-sided printing for Windows and macOS

Print to PDF

Instructions on how to make a PDF file using the print function

Printer only prints "PCL XL Error"

Resolve PCL XL Error when printing to an HP printer

Printer Tray Settings

Instructions to set a printer tray as the default tray.

Printing with PaperCut Mobility Print

How to queue documents for printing in the Addlestone Library or Education Center.

Set Printer Preferences to Always Print Double-Sided

Instructions for changing the printer preferences to always print double-sided.

Student Printing Allocations

Information regarding printing credit allocated to students each semester.

Can't Find What You're Looking For?

How to use the Self-Service portal, submit a ticket, or contact the IT Service Desk.