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AppsAnywhere, Everbridge, Office, Windows and Mac applications, Zoom, DocuSign, Mobile Apps and general applications available to the campus community.

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Information on how to use AppsAnywhere to download College and department-sponsored software. Includes best practices and known issues.

Office 365

Office 365 installation, general information and known issues.


Adobe Acrobat, Captivate and known issues.

Mobile Apps

Miscellaneous mobile applications.


Windows integration issues.

Poll Everywhere

Poll Everywhere best practices and known issues.


Setting up and using VoiceThread.

Miscellaneous Applications

Degree Works, Kaltura, Cascade, Akindi and Mestrenova information


Zoom installation and best practices.


Getting started and best practices for using DocuSign.


Teams overview with tips and tricks.


Information on Everbridge install, alerts, best practices and known issues.


Updates, questions, and known bugs with MyPortal desktop and mobile web app

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Pinned Article CougarAlert Emergency Notification System (ENS)

Overview of the tiered alert/advisory system.

Pinned Article Force Quit Application

When an application is nonresponsive, but the Mac computer is not frozen, you can choose to force the application to quit.

Pinned Article Software Request

Licensed software can be installed on your college-own computer by request.

A Shared OneDrive File Does not Appear in my "Shared With Me" Folder

In order for the file to appear in the Shared With Me folder in OneDrive, it has to be shared from another CofC OneDrive for Business account, not a personal Microsoft Live account

Access Courses in Cougar ED (Absorb)

While it is true that anyone at the College, faculty, staff or students have access to LinkedIn Learning through Office 365, supervisors have the ability to request courses for departments and/or individuals within Cougar ED (Absorb). If a faculty or staff member has a course assigned to them, in order for Cougar ED to maintain records of the course access will need to be through Cougar ED instead of Office 365. Further more, some of those assigned courses are not LinkedIn Learning courses.

Access LinkedIn Learning from Office 365

How to access LinkedIn Learning from Office 365.

Accessing Minitab Application Portal

Minitab Inc has changed its license structure from a desktop application to subscription-based web applications.

Adding new Team owners in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams have three different categories of permissions, owner, member, and guest. While this article focuses on adding owner permissions, the same steps can be used to make other changes as well, just select the desired membership role.

Adobe Creative Cloud (CC) - "Sign In Required"

How to sign in to Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe Error: "A Number Is Out of Range"

The “A number is out of range” error occurs when Acrobat finds some problem with the underlying structure of the PDF file. The best solution is to get a new PDF from the owner, but Adobe does have a fix to correct as well.

Adobe is not available in the AppsAnywhere Cloudpaging Player

Adobe launches in Parallels instead of the Cloudpaging Player

Adobe PDF: "The Filling of Form Fields is Not Supported" Error

Not all pdf viewers allow you to fill out form fields. Use Adobe Acrobat, which is available in AppsAnywhere for current students.

Application Not Responding

Force a non-responsive application to close.

Available Software

List of software licensed by the College for use on student, faculty and staff computers

BDM Banner Document Management Scanner Set Up

Instructions for enabling scanning in BDM (Banner Open Text AppXtender 16.6)

Cannot Accept Blogger Invitation

Troubleshooting not being able to accept an invitation for Blogger blog

Can't add Kaltura video to a Channel

Learn how to change the settings on a Kaltura Channel to allow others to post a video to it.

Can't grade a Turnitin assignment in OAKS

Learn how to force Turnitin to allow you to add a grade to an assignment.

Can't sign in to "when I work"

User is unable to login to When I Work. It is not an IT application and requester should contact the Studio Arts Department.

Change Formatting Mark Settings in Microsoft Word for PC

This article describes how to adjust visibility of formatting marks in Microsoft Word 2016/365 for PC.

College of Charleston's Privacy Course is Expiring

This article details what the privacy policy course is and how to access it.

Convert .mov to .mp4

Explains how to convert an .mov file to an .mp4 file in MacOS.

Convert a .pages file to a .docx file

This article explains how to use an online file converter to convert a .pages file into a .docx file.

Convert an Image to a Different File Format

How to convert an image file to a different format.

Copy JPEG Image

Copy and paste an image file into another document.

Create a Shortcut for an Application

Learn how to add an icon to your desktop, taskbar, or dock.

Degree Works Error: Access Denied

Troubleshooting Degree Works Access Denied Error

Delete or Edit Your Yammer Posting

It is possible to edit or delete your Yammer postings.

Download Adobe Acrobat Reader on Personal Computer

This article provides users with instructions on how to download Adobe Acrobat Reader on their personal computer. Reader allows users to view, comment, print, and sign existing PDF files. For additional features, a subscription to Adobe Acrobat Pro is required.

Downloading and Installing Adobe Connect

This article explains how to download and install a trial version of Adobe Connect web meeting software and join a meeting in Windows 10 and MacOS.

Email a File Directly From Office Application

Save time by sharing Office documents via email directly through the application itself.

ePrint rules

ePrint has 2 classes and 1 role to control who has access and who does not.

Google Drive Help

Information on Google Drive, provided to employees and students through their College Google Apps accounts.

Google Meet cheat sheet

Where to find Google's quick reference for using Google Meet

Google Voice: Your account isn't ready for Google Voice yet

User is unable to use Google Voice with their CofC Google account.

How can I check a paper in Turnitin without using OAKS?

How to submit a paper to Turnitin outside of the OAKS environment

How do I access my email via MyPortal?

How to get to Outlook from MyPortal

How do I find my list of advisees in DegreeWorks?

Steps for finding a list of advisees in DegreeWorks after the upgrade.

How do I make a Yammer Post?

This article describes the steps needed to create a Yammer post. Yammer is available to faculty and staff. Students do not have access to yammer at this time.

How do I use Software Center to Upgrade a Windows Computer or Software Applications?

It is easy to use Software Center to upgrade your individual applications, operating system, or run available updates to your Windows computer on campus.

How to Change the Default Program

How to change your default program to another application.

How to Setup Google Forms for your Website

How to Setup Google Forms for your Website

How to take screenshots

How to capture and save screenshots on Windows or Mac computers

How to tell if Sentinel One is Installed on your Computer

How to check is Sentinel One is loaded on your computer.

I can no longer use the Student ID search box in Degree Works

New requirements to complete Privacy and FERPA courses in CougarEd within the last 12 months may result in access denied errors for those who have not completed the courses.

IBM SPSS Statistics error 7001 There is no licenses found for IBM SPSS Statistics. Unable to License SPSS

After licensing Spss user receives error 7001 no license found for IBM Spss Statistics

Install MATLAB and Associate a College of Charleston license

The College of Charleston has acquired a campus-wide license for MATLAB, Simulink and companion toolboxes. The license covers on-campus and home software use for all faculty, staff, and researchers, as well as classroom and lab installations. If being prompted to associate the account to a license number, you may need to create a new account, then associate the account. Directions are created and available on

Installing ArcPro or ArcMap

Instructions for how to install ArcPro or ArcMap

Installing UC4 9.3.5

Downloading the new UC4 client, version 9.3.5

Invalid Number for eProcure

This article provides troubleshooting information if you see a phone number error when accessing eProcure via MyPortal.

Kaltura CaptureSpace/ Screencast/Screen recording/Desktop recording

Kaltura CaptureSpace/ Screencast/Screen recording/Desktop recording no longer working

Kaltura video getting Access Denied error

Learn what causes an Access Denied error in Kaltura and how the owner of the video can fix it.

Lockdown Browser Will Not Open: Screencastify Error

This article describes how to remove the Screencastify extension from Chrome so that the Lockdown Browser can open.

NVivo Access

This article provides information on how to access the College's limited NVivo license.

OneDrive Files On-Demand

Taskbar Right click OneDrive - Setting - Settings tab

Open .RAR File on a Mac

This article explains how to open a .rar file on a Mac, including how to install the appropriate application in order to do so.

Opening Files from Unidentified Developers on a Mac

This article explains how to open a file from an unidentified developer on a Mac without having to change System Preferences.

PDF File Couldn't be Downloaded

Options for what you can do when you cannot open a pdf file within your browser

Permission Error When Starting SPSS AMOS

How to permission errors when starting SPSS AMOS.

Pipes Communication Error

What to do if you get a pipe communications error

Qualtrics Authentication

Summary of the August 28, 2022 change to Qualtrics authentication and the new way of logging in.

Recovering Microsoft Office Files with AutoSave or AutoRecover

How to use AutoSave and AutoRecover for Microsoft Office products.

Requesting a LinkedIn Learning course for CougarEd

How a supervisor can request a LinkedIn Learning corse to be added to Cougar ED (Absorb).

Requesting Access to Cognos

Request Access to Cognos

Restore Google Doc

Recover a previous version or a deleted Google Doc.

Share just a single page in Microsoft OneNote without using MS Mail app

How to share a single page in OneNote without having to use the MS Mail app

Should I back up my videos in Kaltura?

We have no intention of getting rid of Kaltura, so your videos will remain archived in your OAKS course. You can also access files and recordings outside of OAKS from the Kaltura Media Space.

Sign Into iCloud -- Help with Apple ID Account and Password

Sign into iCloud using your Apple ID account.

SPSS License error, Getting a warning message 'You do not have the correct administrator privileges' when attempting to license a SPSS Statistics product on Mac OS.

This Article pertains to SPSS version 27. for macOS only
If the user experiences this error, do not uninstall or reinstall SPSS.

Transfer an iMovie project to another computer

Instructions for uploading an iMovie library file to Google Drive to resume work on a project from another device

Unable to Submit Lesson Plan

Learn who to turn to when having problems with TK20 in your classes.

Uninstall Software

How to uninstall software on a Windows or Mac computer.

Update App on Mac Without Apple ID

How to update an application on Mac when the application was installed from the app store using a different Apple ID.

Use Microsoft Bookings to Schedule Faculty Office Hours

How to use Microsoft Bookings to allow students to schedule office hour appointments with faculty.

Using Multiple screens with Remote Desktop Connection

The requirements and steps to display multiple screens when using Remote Desktop

Virtualbox aborts when switching applications

VirtualBox quits unexpectedly when switching applications after upgrading to MacOS 10.15

What is a Discord Student Hub?

Explains what Discord Student Hub is and where to get more information

When a Cognos report doesn't prompt

Steps to address issue with report not prompting and just displaying with not refreshed data.

When will I have access to Absorb (Cougar Ed)?

It can take up to a week for a new employee to get access.

Windows Remote Desktop

How to set up and use Microsoft Remote Desktop connection program on a Windows 10 PC, MacOSX machine, and iOS/Android mobile device.

Word Crashes

Resolve issues with Word 2016 and below crashing or freezing.

Yammer Notifications

How to adjust your Yammer notifications.

Can't Find What You're Looking For?

How to use the Self-Service portal, submit a ticket, or contact the IT Service Desk.