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Access Free Movies with Kanopy

How do I access Kanopy to watch a film for my class?

Axiom Error in Connection

Fix connection issue with Axiom

Can't Log Into Dropbox

Troubleshooting steps if someone is not able to log into dropbox.

Create Screenrecordings/Screencaptures with Kaltura

How to create screenrecordings using Kaltura.

DegreeWorks Failed Network Error

How to print DegreeWorks to a PDF file.

Delete a file from my Yammer post

Files added to Yammer posts help to get your point across, and grab attention. It is possible to accidentally add the wrong file. This article shows the steps on how to delete a file associated with a Yammer post. Yammer posts or files can only be deleted by the author of the posts or files and a Yammer administrator.

General channel rendering failure - General Error (code 0)

There are some things you can do when you receive the channel rendering failure message in MyCharleston. Report the issue to an administrator if the issue is not resolved.

Home Use Antivirus Help

This article describes the College's migration from using a home use antivirus program, and offers suggestions for how to move forward in regards to antivirus on a personal, non-College owned machine.

How to install Sentinel One

How to install Sentinel One antivirus program to replace Kaspersky

How to Update Or Reset Your Keychain Password

How to Update, Reset, or Create a New Keychain Login.

I can't delete a video within the Kaltura OAKS My Media Dashboard

How to delete a video from the Kaltura My Media Dashboard through the OAKS integrated site.

Kaltura Needs 3rd Party Cookies Enabled (Safari)

This article provides information on allowing 3rd party cookies in Safari to successfully play Kaltura videos in OAKS.

Kaltura Tutorial Needed

Get a student tutorial for Kaltura

Mestrenova - .MS Files not opening

How to open a .MS file in Mestrenova if it fails to open upon first attempt.

Pulse Secure (Failed to setup virtual adapter)

Pulse Secure Failing to setup virtual adapter

Qualtrics Assistance

This article provides information regarding Qualtrics

Raiser's Edge Support

Who do I contact for help with Raiser's Edge?

Sentinel One Blocked

How to approve the install of SentinelOne on High Sierra.

Sharing a Google Doc Link with Those Outside Your Organization

By making the change listed, anyone using a personal, or campus Google account will be able to access the file using the link provided.

Software- EndNote for Campus

Does the College have a site license for EndNote available?

Titanium Login

Updated instructions on how to log into the Ti server.

Titanium Support

Instructions for installing updates to Titanium and handling Titanium support requests.

Trouble adding students to Kaltura

How to add student accounts to Kaltura.

Use Akindi Bubble Sheet Scanning Software

Learn how to create and scan bubble sheets for automatic grading.

Use Akindi outside of OAKS

How an instructor can use Akindi without going through OAKS

VisionRMS Install

Tritech VisionRMS is used by Public Safety to manage reports, incidents, and other data. This software must be installed on various Public Safety PCs for their use.

What you need to know about the Team Dynamix Programming Workflow

User information about the Team Dynamix Programming workflow


This article describes steps to take when a client is unable to log into Yammer.

Use Text Help Read & Write Software

This article contains a brief summary, download and installation instructions for TextHelp Read&Write software.