Windows integration issues.

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Change Which Programs Automatically Start Up With Login

It is possible to change which programs will automatically start when you log in. Learn how here.

How do I check for Microsoft Updates?

How to check to see if you need to take any Windows 10 upgrades.

Optimize a Folder When it is Slow to Open

Change folder properties to Customize: General items

Start Menu/Taskbar Frozen- Restart Windows Explorer.exe

How to restart explorer.exe to troublehoot Taskbar/Start menu errors or freezes.

Turn Off Desktop Notifications in Windows 10

Learn how to turn off desktop notifications in windows 10.

Windows 10 will not play DVD or Blu-Ray disc

Relating to issues or question about playing DVD or Blu-Ray media on a device running Windows 10

Windows Disk Cleanup

Type 'disk cleanup' and for advanced cleaning include 'Clean up system files' and More Options