Office 365 installation, general information and known issues.

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Pinned Article Install Microsoft Office 365 for Faculty and Staff

This article describes how an employee can use CofC resources to install Microsoft Office on their home computer.

Pinned Article Install Microsoft Office 365 For Students

College of Charleston students are eligible for free access to Office 365. Follow these simple steps to sign up.

Access Denied Error When Opening OneDrive in Office 365 Portal

This article explains how to resolve an access denied error that can occur when attempting to open OneDrive in the Office 365 portal, when all other apps or accessible.

Activate Office 365

Office 365 requires a license. In order to use Office 365, it must first be activated. Activate it using your CofC employee email address.

Add a Public Folder to Your Favorites

This article describes how to add a Public Folder (usually a shared department calendar) to your Favorites for quick access.

Adjust Text Size in Outlook Email Replies

This article provides information on how to adjust text size in an Outlook reply window.

Cached Credentials Have Expired (Upload or Download Blocked)

Resolve issue with cached credentials expired or upload blocked message with Office 365.

Combine Word Documents

Learn how to combine or merge Word documents.

Converting Word Documents to Newer Word Formats

This article provides information on how to convert an older formatted Word document into a newer formatted Word document. This can help if you need access to more features than the old file format will allow, or if you're having issues with Compatibility Mode causing performance issues.

Enable Macros in Microsoft Word

This article explains how to enable macros in Word. This is useful if the client is opening Word files in BDMS.

Exporting Word Documents from PDFs

Explains how to export a Word document from a PDF using Adobe Acrobat 2017.

How do I change the auto correct in an Office 365 file to allow abbreviations or acronyms?

This article walks someone through the steps to proofing, allowing changes to be made to allow new abbreviations, or acronyms. The instructions are for windows computers.

How do I hold or record a Microsoft Teams Meeting?

Microsoft Teams is an application to assist with collaboration and communication with colleagues and associates across campus or anywhere with internet access. This article explains how to access or host and record a Microsoft Teams meeting.

How do I proctect a cell within Excel to prevent editing an area of a spreadsheet?

Prevent accidental edits in a spreadsheet. There are multiple ways you can protect a sheet, but you can also protect a group of cells within a spreadsheet.

How do you automatically fill cells in a Microsoft Excel document?

Use the fill tool and the Auto fill options to complete a spreadsheet in a more timely manner. The auto fill options give you the opportunity to change the way the data is displayed.

How do you use Microsoft OneNote?

OneNote is a digital notebook with sections and pages to help you stay organized. Use it to prepare agendas, keep meeting notes, and store important items like screenshots, pictures of whiteboard drawings or handwritten notes. OneNote is available across devices and platforms (Windows 10, Mac, iOS, and Android). Collaborate or share with others quickly and easily with Microsoft OneNote.

How to omit tracked changes when printing from Word

How to not print changes or markups from MIcrosoft Word on PC and Mac

Inserting Footnotes and Endnotes in Word

Explains how to insert footnotes and endnotes into a Word document.

Inserting Page Numbers in Word

Explains how to insert page numbers into a Word document.

Install Office 365 (College Computers)

This article provides more information on how to install Office365 for a College-owned device.

Mail Merge Using an Excel Spreadsheet to Word

How to Mail Merge an Excel Spreadsheet to Word

Microsoft Excel Will Not Open

This article describes how to proceed when Microsoft Excel will not open. If you attempt to open Excel, either by double-clicking a file or clicking on the application itself, nothing happens.


Learn about MyAnalytics and how to enable/disable this Office 365 feature.

Repair an Office application

This article lists details on how to Repair Microsoft Office on Windows

Run-time Error 53 - Microsoft Office

This article will solve the problems Run-time error 53 problems when opening documents within Microsoft Office applications.

Schedule a Microsoft Teams Meeting

How to use Teams and Outlook to schedule a virtual meeting.

'Something Went Wrong' when viewing Files tab in Teams

Signing out and back in again can resolve the issue

Toggle Between "Overwrite" or "Insert Text" When Typing

The Insert key (sometimes displayed as Ins) toggles how text is inserted into a document.

Turn off spell checker

Learn how to turn off the spell checker for your microsoft office products.

Typing Subscripts and Superscripts in Word

Explains how to insert subscripts and superscripts into Word documents.

Unable to do Office Updates: "Updates are managed by your system administrator."

Uninstall/Reinstall to get the newest version of Office. DOS is working on some changes that can be made in the registry which may allow end-users to manage their own updates, but at this time, reinstalling is the only way to update.

Unable to Edit Word Document: "The License is not Valid"

Doc editing isn't working because the user is not signed in.

Use a PowerPoint presentation as a virtual background in a Zoom meeting

This article explains how you can use a created PowerPoint presentation as a virtual background for your Zoom meeting. What it will do is layer your webcam image over the PowerPoint allowing the viewer to easily see your facial features and the presentation at the same time.

Using SharePoint Migration Assistant to Move Files from a Network Drive to OneDrive

Details how to use Microsoft SharePoint Migration Assistant to migrate files from a network drive (such as \\wharfside, aka the U Drive) to OneDrive

View Settings in Word

How do I change the View of my Word document?

View Teams Files from Windows File Explorer

Instructions for how to create shortcuts to your files in Microsoft Teams to be accessed in Windows File Explorer

Visio Request

Visio requires the Visio Online P2 subscription license to be purchased before it can be installed.

What Teams View is the best one for my Microsoft Teams meeting?

Microsoft Teams is the fastest growing application that Microsoft has developed. Using the steps in this article you have the ability to change how individuals are shown virtually attending the meeting. It allows for a nine grid - gallery view, expands the grid for large gallery view to allow from 10 - 49 attendees, or together mode, to have the appearance of auditorium style seating. You are required to allow the changes, and restart Microsoft Teams before the start of the meeting.

Word - Keep Title on Same Page as Text

This article describes how to keep your title and text on the same page.