Adobe Acrobat, Captivate and known issues.

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Pinned Article Adobe Captivate install

Faculty/Staff member requesting Adobe captivate to be installed on their machine. They will need place a request with IT Service Desk or via the Self Service portal for the installation, following purchase of the license.

Pinned Article Microsoft Office- Trouble displaying weblink & powerpoint

How to switch views from presentation view in Powerpoint

Add Signatures to Adobe PDF Files

This article describes how to add a signature for PDF files in Adobe Acrobat Pro.

Adding a Language in Microsoft Word (PC)

How to add the desired language to your Microsoft Word

Adobe Acrobat - "Sign In Required"

Adobe Acrobat Pro should not prompt the client to sign in. Reinstall the application to resolve this issue.

Adobe Acrobat Prompts for Serial Number

Fix Adobe Acrobat prompting for a Serial Number.

Adobe Acrobat: "The document could not be printed" Error

This article describes a temporary workaround for "The document could not be printed" error when attempting to print PDFs in Adobe Acrobat.

Adobe Cannot Extract Embedded Font

Adobe does not support all fonts. You may need to use a different pdf viewer.

Adobe Crashes

Resolve Adobe crashing issues.

Analysis ToolPak Add-In

How to add the Analysis ToolPak Add-In for Excel.

Cannot Edit a PDF that is Read Only

Making a copy of a pdf file can allow you to make changes.

Create an Adobe ID

How to create an Adobe ID. (Needed to log into Adobe Creative Cloud in classrooms\labs)

Create Digital Signature in Adobe Acrobat 2020

Instructions for how to create a digital signature

Edit Forms created with Adobe LiveCycle Designer

Edit forms that require LiveCycle Designer.

Fill and Sign PDF forms with Adobe Acrobat

Sign forms with Adobe (not the same as DocuSign or a validated digital signature)

How to Combine PDF Files (Adobe Pro/DC)

How to combine multiple PDF documents into one file using Adobe Acrobat DC

I Need Adobe Acrobat (College-owned and Personal Computers)

This article provides information on how to install Adobe Acrobat Pro 2020 on a College-owned PC or Mac machine. It also provides information on how to remotely access Adobe Acrobat Pro 2020 on a personal (not College-owned) machine.

Install Adobe Acrobat via Software Center (Windows)

How to install Adobe Acrobat Pro on a college-owned Windows computer via Software Center.

Install or Uninstall Adobe Acrobat via Self Service (Mac)

The college has a license for Adobe Pro. You can install Adobe Pro on your college-owned Mac using the Self Service application.

Post to a Blog

How to log into your blog to make a new post

Update Adobe Creative Cloud (Named User Licenses)

This article provides information on how to update your paid Adobe Creative Cloud licensing once a new license is started on 9/27/2021.