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CofC iPad Apps

What apps are available on CofC iPads?

eBill -- Error 4100

When the credit card is declined, the client will receive an error 4100 message.

Employee Google Apps Account

This article describes how employees can create and sign into their CofC Google Apps account.

macOS - App cannot be open (because the developer cannot be verified or because it was not downloaded from the App store.)

macOS includes a technology called Gatekeeper that's designed to ensure that only trusted software runs on your Mac. After clicking on a download app users will receive one of the following errors. App cannot be open because the developer cannot be verified, App can't be open because it was not downloaded from the App store.

Mobile Ordering for On-Campus Dining Locations

How to download and use the Transact Mobile app to order food on campus.

Post a Photo to Instagram from a Computer

Switch to a mobile view in your browser to post a photo to Instagram from your computer.

Post Pictures to Facebook

Facebook has an online Help Center that will answer many of your Facebook questions, including how to post photos.