Working Remotely

Policies, technology and best practices associated with working away from the office.

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Installation and common issues with Zoom.

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Pinned Article Pulse Secure VPN: How to Set Up and Use

This is a guide for how to request access to, set up and use Pulse Secure VPN. Pulse Secure VPN allows you to access certain resources (like Banner, network drives, etc.) that require campus network connection.

Pinned Article Tech Tips for Returning to Campus

Technology items to check when you are returning to your campus office.

Pinned Article Working Remotely

This article cover the policies, technology constraints and best practices while working away from the office.

Activate Office 365

Office 365 requires a license. In order to use Office 365, it must first be activated. Activate it using your CofC employee email address.

Add/Update Cougar Alert Contact Information

Add your emergency contact information to receive Cougar Alerts.

Can't rejoin Zoom meeting after being removed by host

Zoom meeting hosts have sole control of attendance rights

Change Security Info for MFA or SSPR

It is possible to change your security information for your account. View this article for steps on how to update it.

Connect to a Network Drive (Mac)

Connect to a drive or server on the CofC network on a Mac.

Create Breakout Rooms in Microsoft Teams

Breakout rooms in Microsoft Teams allow organizers to divide a meeting into sub-groups to facilitate discussions and brainstorming sessions. Meeting organizers can create up to 50 breakout rooms and choose to automatically or manually assign participants into rooms.

Disable Zoom Cloud Recording Password Setting

This article describes how to turn off the password requirement for Zoom cloud recordings.

Downloading and Installing Adobe Connect

This article explains how to download and install a trial version of Adobe Connect web meeting software and join a meeting in Windows 10 and MacOS.

Enabling and Using Virtual Background in Zoom

This article describes how to enable and use the virtual background option in Zoom.

Find your hotspot's WiFi password

How to find the WiFi password for a Verizon Ellipsis Jetpack hotspot

Get Started with DocuSign

How to get started using DocuSign, including information about training and product support

Increase Home Internet Speeds

Tips for increasing home Internet speeds while working remotely.

Install Microsoft Office 365 for Faculty and Staff

This article describes how an employee can use CofC resources to install Microsoft Office on their home computer.

Microsoft Remote Desktop General Connection Help

This article describes some basic troubleshooting that can be done to to help identify issues when connecting to a machine or server via Microsoft Remote Desktop.

Microsoft Teams - Overview and Channels

Microsoft Teams is a chat-based workspace in Office 365 that's a hub for teamwork. It's extensible and customizable, so you can tailor it for the information your team needs.

Moving Office Equipment for Work from Home

This article describes how to request assistance scheduling a computer move for working remotely from home.

Network Drive connection - Windows

Learn how to connect to a Network Drive.

OneDrive - Emergency Backup

To Backup files, log into OneDrive, click upload then select the files you would like to upload to OneDrive (this is only to be used for official College business only)

OneDrive - How to Upload a File or Folder

Explains how to upload your files or folders to OneDrive. Includes a Microsoft instructional video.

OneDrive - Viewing Files & Folders Shared with You

You can view Shared OneDrive Files/Folders online or set up shortcuts in File Explorer.

OneDrive Sync Error: “The name of type isn’t allowed” and “Can’t upload files”

OneDrive sync error caused by special characters "% #" being in the name. Also files ending in "xxx.url"

OneDrive Syncing Issue - MAC

Learn how to fix OneDrive sync issues on Mac.

Reducing Eye Strain

Tips to reduce eye strain, annotating electronically, sharing documents with OneDrive and Teams.

Schedule a Microsoft Teams Meeting

How to use Teams and Outlook to schedule a virtual meeting.

Servers, File or Folders - Requesting permission to have access

Find out how to get permission to IT controlled servers, files and folders.

Set my Voicemail Greetings

How to set up greetings that play before the caller leaves a voicemail message.

Set Up Call Forwarding

This article provides instructions on how employees can forward their CofC office phone numbers to another phone number

Set Up the Microsoft Authenticator App

How to set up the Authenticator App for Multi-Factor Authentication on a College of Charleston account.

Sign In to the OneDrive App

How do I sign into the OneDrive app after it is installed on my computer?

Turn On Network Discovery (Windows 10)

This article describes how to turn on Network Discovery on a Windows 10 PC.

Voicemail - Unable to check from Touchscreen

To reset the voicemail number for the college select Menu, messages, and then Set voicemail code & re-enter the number

Voicemail Extended Away Greeting (Out of Office)

This articles describes the process for setting up an Extended Away Greeting on a VOIP phone line.

Voicemail Password Criteria

This article provides the voicemail password restrictions for VoIP.

Volume Decreases at Start of Zoom Meeting

This article describes how to fix the volume if it decreases to zero at the start of a Zoom meeting.

VPN - Computer Security is Unsatisfactory

I am unable to connect to VPN because my computer security is unsatisfactory.

WiFi not Connecting or Extremely Slow when using Pulse Secure

Disable Juniper Network Service on Network Bridge.

Windows Remote Desktop

How to set up and use Microsoft Remote Desktop connection program on a Windows 10 PC, MacOSX machine, and iOS/Android mobile device.

Working Remotely - Best Practices

Best practices for working from home.