Zoom installation and best practices.

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Activate CofC Zoom License

This article provides information on the College of Charleston's Zoom license and how to activate your account.

Allow to share multiple screens at once in a Zoom meeting.

A new Zoom feature allows you to share multiple screens at once!

Allow to share multiple screens at once in a Zoom meeting.

A new Zoom feature allows you to share multiple screens at once!

Can I Host Concurrent Zoom Meetings?

This article provides more information on the concurrent meeting allowances for our licensed Zoom accounts.

Cannot view pre-recorded Zoom videos within OAKS

When one attmepts to watch a pre-recorded Zoom session that has been posted to OAKS(via a link) and gets stuck in an loop of entering the pass code over and over, they can resolve the issue by opening the link in a new tab instead of trying to view it within OAKS.

Closed Captioning with Zoom

Zoom recently added closed captioning functionality to their meeting settings. This article details how to enable the feature, view, and save the transcript.

CofC Images for Zoom Backgrounds

This article provides a link to a page containing College of Charleston images specially selected for use as Zoom backgrounds.

Common Issues With Zoom

This article offers resource guides and troubleshooting for common Zoom issues.

Disable Mirror Effect in Zoom

This article describes how to disable the mirror effect for video in Zoom.

Download or Delete Zoom Recordings (and add to your OneDrive folder)

This article covers how to download or delete a Zoom recording and add it to your OneDrive.

Enable and Use Polling in Zoom

This article describes how to enable polling in Zoom, as well as how to use the polling feature in a meeting.

How do I access the Zoom meeting for my class?

Zoom and OAKS are integrated; this article contains a link to the user guide

How do I allow multiple participants to screen share simultaneously in Zoom?

This short article explains how a meeting organizer can set the permissions in a Zoom meeting to allow multiple participants to screen share at the same time.

How to Require Registration for Zoom Meetings

How to set up a Zoom meeting to require registration.

Install Zoom

How to install Zoom using the SSO to access.

Keep from getting Stuck in the Zoom Waiting Room

Shows that is you are stuck in the Zoom waiting room for a CofC event, you should check that you are signed in with your CofC account.

Missing New Zoom Recordings

You may need to use the refresh icon in Zoom to see the newly added recordings.

No Video Image on All-in-One

If the camera cover is closed, the video image will appear all black even if it's not muted

Share Applications or Entire Desktop in Zoom

How to share just your open applications or your entire desktop in Zoom.

Show a profile photo in a Zoom meeting

This article describes the steps needed to change settings to show the profile photo during a Zoom meeting if the camera is turned off.

Sign into Zoom with Your CofC Account

How to make sure you are signed into Zoom with your CofC Licensed account

Switch From Personal Zoom Account to CofC Zoom Account

This article describes how to access your Zoom account that is licensed through the College of Charleston if you already have a private Zoom account.

Track who has viewed your Zoom Recorded Videos

Learn how to track who has watched a Zoom Recording using the Analytics feature in Zoom.

Unable to Install Zoom

Alternative download for Zoom when zoom.us/download doesn't install successfully.

Use a PowerPoint presentation as a virtual background in a Zoom meeting

This article explains how you can use a created PowerPoint presentation as a virtual background for your Zoom meeting. What it will do is layer your webcam image over the PowerPoint allowing the viewer to easily see your facial features and the presentation at the same time.

Using Phone or Tablet to Screen Share and as Document Camera in Zoom

Teaching users how to use a phone or tablet as a second screen in Zoom for the purposes of sharing and/or annotating content. Also includes instruction for using the Tripp-Lite goose-neck phone/tablet holder as a document camera.

Zoom Audio Issues with HP Envy Laptops

What to do when Zoom constantly crashes or has audio/microphone issues.

Zoom Breakout Session

How to set up breakout rooms during or before a meeting.

Zoom Default Settings

In order to make Zoom more secure we have implemented a few default settings that will be applied to all new meetings.  These settings are turned on by default but can be turned off by the meeting creator.

Zoom is Unable to Detect a Camera

Things to check if Zoom gives a message it can't detect a camera

Zoom Meeting Disconnects

Enhance your Wi-Fi powered Zoom meeting

Zoom Meetings - Keeping Uninvited Guests Out!

How to set you sharing sessions to avoid uninvited guests joining your Zoom events.

Zoom plugin for Mac isn't showing inside of the 'Meeting' tab.

How to enable Outlook plugins to enable the Zoom plugin to be displayed.

Zoom Recording Passcode

This article instructs on how to locate a cloud recording's password.

Zoom Recording Retention Policy

Describes when Zoom recordings are deleted and why

Zoom SSO error

How to address an SSO error in Zoom when trying to go from a personal to Cofc account.

Zoom SSO Login Error

How to resolve the Zoom login error "Something went wrong while you tried signing in with SSO"


Resources to increase Zoom security and reduce the chance of Zoombombing.