CIO Tech Tips

Tips from the emails sent by our CIO, Mark Staples to help make your technology life hassle-free!

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Digital Whiteboards

Overview of two digital whiteboards: Zoom and Office 365.

How to Record a Meeting in Microsoft Teams

How to record a Microsoft Teams meeting.

Keep from getting Stuck in the Zoom Waiting Room

Shows that is you are stuck in the Zoom waiting room for a CofC event, you should check that you are signed in with your CofC account.

OneDrive - Sharing and Syncing Folders

How to use OneDrive to share files and folders.
How to set us which folders to sync.

Organizing Email (with Rule-Based Folders)

How to use the Rule function to send emails from individuals to a selected folder.

Scanning from your Mobile Device

Office Lens and Scanner Pro apps for scanning from a mobile device.

Screen Capture and Annotations

How to create screen captures in Windows and Mac.

Tech Tip: New Banner and MyPortal

Office of the CIO introduces MyPortal

Turn off Notifications in Outlook

How to turn off outlook notifications (Windows and Mac)

Watch out for Phishing emails

How to recognize signs of an email phishing attempt.

Zoom Meetings - Keeping Uninvited Guests Out!

How to set you sharing sessions to avoid uninvited guests joining your Zoom events.

Zoom Tips - Key Settings to Keep Control

Ket tips for keeping control of your meeting. Covers: Lock Meeting, Require Passwords, Disable Private Chat, various participant controls, File transfer, and Annotations.