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Here are many of the "how do I" knowledge base articles that were created by the IT Department covering a wide range of topics. We will continue to add articles as new technology is launched.

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Pinned Article Set Up the Microsoft Authenticator App

How to set up the Authenticator App for Multi-Factor Authentication on a College of Charleston account.

About Required Health and Immunization Form

Describes where to find information on the Student Health forms that are required.

Access Courses in Cougar ED (Absorb)

While it is true that anyone at the College, faculty, staff or students have access to LinkedIn Learning through Office 365, supervisors have the ability to request courses for departments and/or individuals within Cougar ED (Absorb). If a faculty or staff member has a course assigned to them, in order for Cougar ED to maintain records of the course access will need to be through Cougar ED instead of Office 365. Further more, some of those assigned courses are not LinkedIn Learning courses.

Access Free Movies with Kanopy

How do I access Kanopy to watch a film for my class?

Access LinkedIn Learning from Office 365

How to access LinkedIn Learning from Office 365.

Access Performance Review Information

How to get to the website to enter your performance review information.

Activate Office 365

Office 365 requires a license. In order to use Office 365, it must first be activated. Activate it using your CofC employee email address.

Add an image to use as a Microsoft Teams Virtual Background

It is now possible for a Microsoft Teams Desktop user to add an image to the gallery of images to use for a virtual background for a Microsoft Teams meeting. You can use the image before or during the meeting session. It is possible to preview the background, but while doing so, it is not viewable by the other members attending the meeting.

Add Captions to Kaltura Media

Kaltura is a Youtube-like, online media server for CofC faculty, staff and students only. Unlike other media servers on campus Kaltura is available to students so it can be used to upload video projects. It can be used it to upload tutorials, online lectures or presentation or any original work.   Adding closed captions to media files allows many different types of users to access and understand your content.

Add Dining Dollars or Cougar Cash

This article provides steps on how to add Dining Dollars to a student's account in eBill. Must select current semester for Deposit. Takes up to 2 hours.

Add Gmail Account to Outlook

Links to Microsoft support site for how to add gmail accounts to Outlook 365 client.

Add or Remove Icons from your Mac's Dock

How to add or remove an application shortcut icon from the dock on Mac.

Add Signatures to Adobe PDF Files

This article describes how to add a signature for PDF files in Adobe Acrobat Pro.

Allow to share multiple screens at once in a Zoom meeting.

A new Zoom feature allows you to share multiple screens at once!

Change Cmail Display Name

This article describes how to change the display name in a Gmail account.

Change Security Info for MFA or SSPR

It is possible to change your security information for your account. View this article for steps on how to update it.

Change the Time on My Computer

Steps on how to change the computer time

Change Which Monitor is the Primary Monitor

Auto-arranged icons will arrange themselves on your primary monitor. It is possible to change which monitor is set as the primary monitor. Here's how.

Check Grades in MyPortal

How do I Check Grades in MyPortal?

Check if your Laptop has a Microphone/Webcam

How to check if your laptop (MAc and PC) have a build-in microphone and webcam.

Check to see if you have a 32-bit or 64-bit system

Shows how to check to see if you have a 32-bit or 64-bit processor.

Clear a Paper Jam From Small Xerox Printer

This article describes how to clear a paper jam from inside of a small Xerox printer. This article should work with most Xerox Multifunction printers.

Clear Printer Queue

Sometimes a printer can get backed up and not print its items in the queue. Here's how to clear the queue for a printer.

Cmail/Google Apps - Password Reset (Synchronize Your Google Apps Password with Your MyCharleston/MyPortal Password)

How students and employees can synchronize their Cmail/Google Apps password with their MyCharleston/MyPortal password

Computer Connector and Port Reference Guide

Includes a reference chart of computer connectors and ports. This will help you identify what type of cable you will need to connect your external device to your computer.

Connect a Device to the Wireless Network

Instruction for connecting a device to the edurom and ResNet wireless networks.

Connect to a Network Drive (Mac)

Connect to a drive or server on the CofC network on a Mac.

Connect to Eduroam with Samsung Devices and Chromebooks

Settings to connect using a Droid, more specifically a Samsung Device as well containing a link to provide information connecting Chromebooks to Eduroam

Convert HEIC to JPG

Converting HEIC files to JPEG

Copy and Paste

This article shows a user how to copy and paste on both Windows and Mac computers

Create a Student Website

Creating a Student website on and/or connecting to the Student Web Server.

Create and use an Outlook email template

Instructions for creating Outlook email templates using View Temaplse and Save As Templates functionality.

Customize your Microsoft Teams Notification Settings

This article explains how to customize the notification settings for Microsoft Teams, so that you will be notified when and how you would like to be notified. Too, many email notifications from Teams in your Outlook inbox? Using these setting changes, you can choose to eliminate the notifications going to email.

Delete a file from my Yammer post

Files added to Yammer posts help to get your point across, and grab attention. It is possible to accidentally add the wrong file. This article shows the steps on how to delete a file associated with a Yammer post. Yammer posts or files can only be deleted by the author of the posts or files and a Yammer administrator.

DocuSign: How to sign a document

Steps to sign DocuSign documents for recipients

Enable or Disable Cmail forwarding

Instructions for enabling or disabling forwarding from Cmail

Enable/Disable Pop-Ups

How to enable or disable pop-ups for Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Edge.

Find My Permanent Credentials

This article describes what to do if a new student has not received permanent MyCharleston credentials yet.

Finding Saved Passwords in Safari

Article will help user find stored passwords within Safari's password manager.

First Time Logging In

Provides the initial password to log in to CofC systems

Get Started with DocuSign

How to get started using DocuSign, including information about training and product support

Get Started with OneDrive

Summary regarding using OneDrive for Business

How do I access Student Success Insights (SSI)?

This document describes how to access Student Success Insights.

How do I allow multiple participants to screen share simultaneously in Zoom?

This short article explains how a meeting organizer can set the permissions in a Zoom meeting to allow multiple participants to screen share at the same time.

How do I change or delete the photo in my Zoom profile?

Individuals have the ability to update or change their Zoom profile anytime by logging into their account. Make sure that it is the CofC licensed account before you make any changes. This article describes the steps on how to access the profile settings in order to make changes, including changes to your current photo, (selecting the surrounding area included the photo, changing or deleting the photo.

How do I change the auto correct in an Office 365 file to allow abbreviations or acronyms?

This article walks someone through the steps to proofing, allowing changes to be made to allow new abbreviations, or acronyms. The instructions are for windows computers.

How do I get the email address for a Microsoft Teams channel?

There are times when you receive information via email that really needs to be provided to a Microsoft Teams channel. This article describes how to get the email address for a specific channel, enabling you to send to that address. Channel permissions by the owner may limit the availability to email Teams channels. You may need to contact the team owner and request that settings be changed to allow members to email channels in the team.

How do I hold or record a Microsoft Teams Meeting?

Microsoft Teams is an application to assist with collaboration and communication with colleagues and associates across campus or anywhere with internet access. This article explains how to access or host and record a Microsoft Teams meeting.

How do I make a Yammer Post?

This article describes the steps needed to create a Yammer post. Yammer is available to faculty and staff. Students do not have access to yammer at this time.

How do I present content for a Microsoft Teams Live Event?

A Live Team Event is a great way to show content to a large audience, while at the same time limiting what capabilities of the audience, or attendees. This article describes the role of a presenter during a Microsoft Live Team Event.

How Do I Preview a Quiz in OAKS

This article lists the steps for an instructor to preview how a quiz will look for students.

How do I produce a Microsoft Teams Live Event?

Individuals in a Microsoft Teams Live Event each have a role during the event. The roles are participant or attendee, presenter, producer and/or organizer. The producer is often the one behind the 'camera' making sure that the event runs smoothly, moving the presenters from 'up next', or the queue, to presenting live and is responsible for stopping and starting the event. This article describes the role of producer and how to produce a live event after it has been scheduled.

How do I save an Advanced Find in Student Success Insights (SSI)?

This article describes the steps that an advisor, faculty or staff, can take using the SSI advisor console to save an Advanced Find in order to use that query again.

How do I schedule a Microsoft Teams Live Event?

Microsoft Teams Live Event capability is included in our Office 365 license. Anyone with a College email account has the permission to schedule, present or produce a Live Team Event. This article describes how to schedule a live event.

How do I set up Pearson MyLab and Mastering in OAKS

Learn how to use the Pearson integration on OAKS so that MyLab and Mastering will synch grades into OAKS grade book.

How do I submit an alert using the Faculty Experience in Student Success Insights (SSI)?

This article describes the steps required to submit an alert in SSI about a student in one of the classes a faculty member is teaching.

How do I Transfer a Call? (Yealink Phone)

This article describes the steps needed to transfer a call from a CofC phone.

How do I view and participate in a Microsoft Teams Live Event?

Microsoft Teams Live Event capability is included in our Office 365 license. Anyone with a College email account has the permission to schedule, present or produce a Live Team Event. By presenting information out to other members of CofC in a Live Event, you are automatically muting attendees microphones and web cameras by which you are reducing permissions to attendees to "watch" the meeting and only provide questions or comments using the meeting chat session.

How do you use Microsoft OneNote?

OneNote is a digital notebook with sections and pages to help you stay organized. Use it to prepare agendas, keep meeting notes, and store important items like screenshots, pictures of whiteboard drawings or handwritten notes. OneNote is available across devices and platforms (Windows 10, Mac, iOS, and Android). Collaborate or share with others quickly and easily with Microsoft OneNote.

How to convert Word document to JPG

Instructions for converting text in a Word document to a JPG image

How to Enter a Maintenance Work Order (Students)

This article leads to the housing PDF document that shows how to put in a maintenance request for the dorm.

How to install Zipped Fonts to Word

instructions for installing zipped fonts in Word

How to Register for classes in MyPortal

How to Register for Classes in My Portal and Self-Service Banner 9 (SSB9)

How To Upgrade to MacOS Catalina

How to guide to upgrade to MacOS Catalina

I Can't Move My Mouse Cursor from One Monitor to the Next

This article describes how to swap the monitor order so that your cursor moves from one monitor to the next on the edge they are beside each other.

I Would Like to Change My Password

There are several methods employees and students can use to reset their own passwords. This article lists those options.

Install Adobe Acrobat via Software Center (Windows)

How to install Adobe Acrobat Pro on a college-owned Windows computer via Software Center.

Install Microsoft Office 365 for Faculty and Staff

This article describes how an employee can use CofC resources to install Microsoft Office on their home computer.

Install Microsoft Office 365 For Students

College of Charleston students are eligible for free access to Office 365. Follow these simple steps to sign up.

Install Zoom

How to install Zoom using the SSO to access.

Keyboard Shortcuts to Clear my Browser Cache

Steps to quickly clear Chrome browser data

Locate My CWID

This article describes how a student or employee can locate their CWID.

Locate Your Username

This article describes how to look up your username.

Log into Cmail the First Time

Describes how to find out what your Cmail address is, what the initial password is, and where to log in.

Log into OAKS with Microsoft Azure/Office365

Instructions for how to get into OAKS to access course information

Log Into Secure Share with a Shared Email Address

Requirements for logging into SecureShare using a shared email address

Login to my Parking Portal Account

The Parking Portal uses the same credentials as your MyCharleston login/username.

Manually Connect to Eduroam

If the configuration tool does not allow you to connect, here are the settings you may need to know to connect to Eduroam.

Map Network Drives (Windows)

Instructions for mapping a network drive on Windows

Mobile Ordering for On-Campus Dining Locations

How to download and use the Transact Mobile app to order food on campus.

Obtain the 1098T

This article describes how a student can obtain their 1098T.

Post a Photo to Instagram from a Computer

Switch to a mobile view in your browser to post a photo to Instagram from your computer.

Post Pictures to Facebook

Facebook has an online Help Center that will answer many of your Facebook questions, including how to post photos.

Print to PDF

Instructions on how to make a PDF file using the print function

Print/Save Unofficial Transcript

Students and Alumni can print (or print to PDF) their unofficial academic transcripts online through MyPortal or MyCharleston.

Quickly access a specific date on a calendar when using Outlook 2016 with my PC

This is a quick and easy step to access any date when using Outlook 2016 (Windows only) and explains the GoToDate function.

Reduce My Background Noise for a Microsoft Teams Meeting

This article describes the steps needed to reduce background noise during a Microsoft Teams meeting.

Request a Transcript

This article outlines troubleshooting steps if a student is unable to request a transcript.

Request a Wifi Guest Access for Eduroam

If Faculty or Staff needs a shared user account to login to eduroam for a conference, event, orientation, etc. that isn't bandwidth restricted they can use the Self-service request for a Wifi guest account. A guest wireless account can be requested if you have a visitor or group of visitors (conferences, events) who need uninterrupted internet access without bandwidth limitations.

Request to Disable Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Employees without a phone may obtain a hard token to authenticate for MFA.

Screen Capture and Annotations

How to create screen captures in Windows and Mac.

Search Class offerings in MyPortal?

This is a how faculty and staff can view courses offered in MyPortal/SSB9. This replaces the Registration Tools "Conscise Schedule" in MyCharleston.

Set my Voicemail Greetings

How to set up greetings that play before the caller leaves a voicemail message.

Set Up an Outlook Email Account

This article describes how to set up your email account on a campus computer or on your smart phone.

Set Up Multi-Factor Authentication

Instructions for setting up MFA the first time you log into your CofC account

Set Up the Microsoft Authenticator App

How to set up the Authenticator App for Multi-Factor Authentication on a College of Charleston account.

Setting up an Exchange Email Account on My iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

Setting up an Exchange Email Account on your Apple Device

Share a Photo from iPad

This article shows you how you can share a photo stored on your iPad.

Share Applications or Entire Desktop in Zoom

How to share just your open applications or your entire desktop in Zoom.

Sharing Files with Secure Share

Share files securely with SecureShare.

Show a profile photo in a Zoom meeting

This article describes the steps needed to change settings to show the profile photo during a Zoom meeting if the camera is turned off.

Sign In to the OneDrive App

How do I sign into the OneDrive app after it is installed on my computer?

Trim Zoom session

How to edit the beginning and end of a recorded Zoom session.

Turn off Notifications in Outlook

How to turn off outlook notifications (Windows and Mac)

Turnitin reports are not generating

Learn how to force reports Turnitin reports when you get the following message: "An originality report could not be generated. Turnitin® will begin processing this file after the assignment's due date".

Update App on Mac Without Apple ID

How to update an application on Mac when the application was installed from the app store using a different Apple ID.

Update Displayed Job Title in Outlook

This article describes how to update employee displayed job title information in Outlook and other email clients.

Update Gender Identity and/or Personal Pronoun

How to update gender identity and/or personal pronoun in SSB / MyPortal

Update Mailing Address

How to update your mailing address in MyCharleston.

Update My Perferred First Name

How to update preferred first name

Update Personal Information

This article describes where employees and students can go to update personal information in MyCharleston.

Use a PowerPoint presentation as a virtual background in a Zoom meeting

This article explains how you can use a created PowerPoint presentation as a virtual background for your Zoom meeting. What it will do is layer your webcam image over the PowerPoint allowing the viewer to easily see your facial features and the presentation at the same time.

Use a Private Browsing Window

Using a private browsing window or incognito mode is useful for opening multiple sessions in the same browser (such as multiple Office account logins, or Google Apps logins), as well as providing a "clean" temporary session (not using stored session cookies or data).

Use Microsoft Bookings to Schedule Faculty Office Hours

How to use Microsoft Bookings to allow students to schedule office hour appointments with faculty.

Use Text Help Read & Write Software

This article contains a brief summary, download and installation instructions for TextHelp Read&Write software.

View Academic Catalogs

Information about Academic Catalogs is available online.

View Attachments in Outlook for Mac

How to preview attachments in Outlook for Mac

When a Cognos report doesn't prompt

Steps to address issue with report not prompting and just displaying with not refreshed data.