Information on how to use AppsAnywhere to download College and department-sponsored software. Includes best practices and known issues.

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Pinned Article What software applications are currently available in AppsAnywhere?

This is a list of the support status of software applications in AppsAnywhere.

AppsAnywhere Mac Install

How to install AppsAnywhere on a MacOS computer.

AppsAnywhere not running on Macs with M1 chip

Users who have not installed Rosetta on Mac computers with M1 chips will not be able to run AppsAnywhere.

AppsAnywhere Windows Install

How to install AppsAnywhere on a PC.

AppsAnywhere: AutoCAD Access

Students must upload documents to access AutoCAD on a one-year trial. The documents must meet certain criteria.

AppsAnywhere: Cloudpaging Player

Information on how to use the AppsAnywhere Cloudpaging Player.

ArcGIS desktop/pro with AppsAnywhere

Difference between ArcGIS Desktop and ArcGIS Pro

Can't Find Local Files When Using AppsAnywhere

How to find out where your files are saved on your local computer so that you can access them in Adobe using AppsAnywhere

Frequently Asked Questions for AppsAnywhere

This article lists out the frequently asked questions around AppsAnywhere

Install AppsAnywhere Client after Validation Failed Error

A user selects the green button "I've already used AppsAnywhere on this device!" when using for the first time without having installed the AppsAnywhere client. On the next visit to, validation takes a long time, then fails.

Requesting an App for the AppsAnywhere Application Catalog

How to request an application to be accessable from AppsAnywhere.

Sign Into GMetrix

How to log into GMetrix