Updates, questions, and known bugs with MyPortal desktop and mobile web app

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About MyPortal

Introduction to MyPortal -- what it is and where to get more information

Access MyPortal

Includes the website, download name, and credentials to sign into MyPortal

Action Item Processing - Cannot Complete Registration Requirements in MyPortal

Follow these steps if you are unable to submit the registration requirements (such as Financial Responsibility, address verification, etc.) to register for classes in MyPortal.

Approving Timesheets and Leave Reports Via MyPortal

Instructions for supervisors to approve submitted timesheets and leave reports via MyPortal

Available Tiles in MyPortal

A list of available tiles in MyPortal

Blank Tile In MyPortal

It is a known issue for the OAKS tile to be blank before integrating it with MyPortal. Here's how to integrate OAKS with MyPortal.

Can't Install the MyPortal App

Things to check when you are having trouble installing MyPortal on your mobile device

Customize MyPortal: Rearrange, Hide, or Unhide Tiles

Describes how to customize the view in the mobile app by moving, adding, or removing tiles

DegreeWorks: "You do not have permission to view this page."

This article explains how faculty may access DegreeWorks in MyPortal when presented with the error "You do not have permission to view this page."

How to Submit Your Leave Report via MyPortal

Instructions for how to enter a leave report via MyPortal (SSB 9)

How to Submit Your Timesheet via MyPortal

How to use MyPortal to enter your timesheet.

How to Switch Profiles in MyPortal

Instructions on how to switch profiles in MyPortal between Student, Faculty, Staff, Alumni

How to View Your Student Schedule

This article describes the process for a student to look up their assigned courses and information (instructor, class time, class location, CRN) pertaining to those courses.

Missing Tiles in MyPortal

Reasons why you may not see a tile

MyPortal - Employee Dashboard "Logon denied" Error

This article explains what to do to resolve issues with employees being unable to open the Employee Dashboard.

MyPortal Content Specifications - Tile Criteria

Outlines required criteria for an application to become a tile in MyPortal

MyPortal Course Registration- "Server Received an Internal Error"

This article provides some troubleshooting steps to test if you are seeing an internal error message when attempting to register for classes.

MyPortal Error: "User not authenticated"

This article explains how to address the "User not authenticated" error when accessing Banner resources (SSB, Banner Admin Pages, etc.) in MyPortal.

MyPortal Internal Error: "...maximum open cursors exceeded"

Clear the internal server error received when registering for classes in MyPortal

MyPortal Login Error: "Invalid Username/Password; Logon Denied"

This article is for how to troubleshoot the "Invalid Username/Password; Logon Denied" Error in MyPortal if the username and password is correct.

Submit Feedback Within MyPortal

How to submit feedback within MyPortal using the MyPortal Feedback Tile.

Why did I lose my customized tile arrangement?

Brief article outlining the limitations of the MyPortal tile customization / personalization feature on the mobile app, as well as a way to work around these limitations via the web version of MyPortal