Articles about adding, removing accounts and permissions and password management.

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Pinned Article Add Dining Dollars or Cougar Cash

This article provides steps on how to add Dining Dollars to a student's account in eBill. Must select current semester for Deposit. Takes up to 2 hours.

Pinned Article Official Transcript Request- Invalid SSN or Student ID number error

Enter in either the SSN number or Student ID number and then click next to continue ordering the transcript to avoid the Invalid SSN or Student ID number error message. Be sure to review the information entered into the SSN number or Student ID number fields within the Transcript request field.

Banner 9 Cougar Ed Course

This article describes the email notification for Cougar Ed's Banner 9 course enrollment.

Banner INB/SSB Access requests

How to get Banner INB/SSB access

Blog Password

Help with resetting the password for a blog.

Can't View Graduate Student Application

A prospective student.  I can't login to see his/her application.

Employee Account Expired

Contact IT when your account is expired.

Employee Google Apps Account

This article describes how employees can create and sign into their CofC Google Apps account.

External System Error: CPIP Notification

What to do if you receive an External System Error CPIP Notification while using MyCharleston

Get Login Assistance

Includes how to locate MyCharleston login, locate CWID, how to reset your password, and how to get further assistance.

How do I register my account for the Self-Service Password Feature?

The Self-Service Password reset allow you to reset, unlock, and change your College of Charleston password on your own.

How do I set up Multi-Factor Authentication

In order to provide a more secure network, multi-factor authentication is required. What does that mean? That anyone attempting to access Microsoft Office 365 applications will need to verify the access by using a secondary method, or alternate device, a cell phone, or office desk phone for example. Authentication is device specific, meaning each computer or mobile device is separate. Each authentication is valid for 14 days, after which, you will be required to re-authenticate.

How to Connect to a Network Drive

Learn how to connect to a Network Drive.

Invalid Number for eProcure

This article shows how to add a CofC Office phone number through Banner Self Service.

Library Account Login

Get help with logging into your Library account.

Locate your Username

This article describes how to look up your username.

MyCharleston Detailed Schedule Help

This article describes the process for a student to look up their assigned courses and information (instructor, class time, class location, CRN) pertaining to those courses.

MyCharleston Password - Initial Login

You will need the initial password to log into MyCharleston the first time.

Parking Portal Account Login

The Parking Portal uses the same credentials as your MyCharleston login/username.

Pulse Secure is Blank

If Pulse Secure is blank and will not allow you to add a new connection, this article will help you fix it.

Qualtrics Assistance

This article provides information regarding Qualtrics

Release of Directory Information Help

This article describes how to control what information a student shares via the Directory.

Requesting permission to have access to Servers, File or Folders.

Find out how to get permission to IT controlled servers, files and folders.

Self Service Password Reset

Summary of Self-Service Password Reset

Set Up an eBill Authorized User

This article lists the steps for students to set up an Authorized User in eBill.

Student Permanent Credentials

This article describes what to do if a new student has not received permanent MyCharleston credentials yet.

Unable to log into ePrint: Authorization failed

Receive the message "Authorization Failed" when trying to log into ePrint after a password change.

Unlock a Locked File

How to get access to a file that has been locked for editing by someone else.

User ID and PIN Prompt

This article lists the troubleshooting steps to clear the Ellucian User ID and PIN prompt.

VPN Token Types

The Pulse VPN system uses RSA tokens to dynamically provide access codes when you connect to the College. These codes can be provided using On-Demand Access (text-message/SMS), Software Access (an app on your smartphone), or Hard Access (a keyfob that you carry.)

VPN: How to Connect

Learn how to connect to CofC systems via our virtual private network (VPN).


This article describes steps to take when a client is unable to log into Yammer.

I know my password, but want to change it.

There are several methods employees and students can use to reset their own passwords. This article lists those options.