Information and support for VIOP desk phones, Spirit/Segra Unify App, voicemail and Fax.

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Setting up and using voicemail on CofC phones.

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Pinned Article How do I Transfer a Call? (Yealink Phone)

This article describes the steps needed to transfer a call from a CofC phone.

Add Contacts to Spirit Unify App (Soft Phone)

Adding Contacts in Spirit Unify

Audio Issues in Segra Unify (formerly Spirit Unify) App

Troubleshooting for common audio issues with Segra Unify.

Block Calls from your VoIP Phone

How to add a caller to your blacklist.

Call Forward Not Working

Resolve Issues with Call Forwarding going straight to voicemail instead of forwarding to the directed number.

Can't Hear VoIP Phone Ringing

Here are some settings you can check if you don't hear your phone when it rings.

Changing ringtones and the ringtone volume.

The ringtones and ringtone volumes can be changed for the campus Yealink T48S VoIP telephones.

Compatible Headsets for Use with Yealink T48S

Chart of compatible heasets for use with VoIP phones

Fax Machine Unable to Send or Receive Faxes

This article describes troubleshooting steps to apply when a fax machine is not able to send/receive faxes.

Handsets for wall mounted VoIP phones

Yealink phones are compatible with wall mounts, sold separately. A slight adjustment will need to be made to allow the handset to stay in the on-hook position if using a wall mount.

International Dial

How do I make an International call?

Multiple Login Sessions with Spirit/Segra Unify App

This article lists out information on how many active sessions can be used with the soft phone option (Segra/Spirit Unify app), and how to prevent issues when sharing a soft phone line.

Phone Stuck in Do Not Disturb Mode

This article assists someone with how to cancel the Do Not Disturb Mode on a Yealink desk phone.

Program Speed Dials on VOIP Phone

This article describes several methods for programming speed dials on your CofC VOIP Office phone.

Retrieve a Call From Another Phone

How to retrieve a call from another phone.

Segra Unify App Installation (Soft Phone)

Internal instructions for Spirit Unify. Could be added to external self service eventually.

Set Up Call Forwarding

This article provides instructions on how employees can forward their CofC office phone numbers to another phone number

Surplus Phone

You can fill out a change of accountability form to surplus the cell phone if it is damaged or not going to be used by anyone else.

Telephone Move

Details of what you need to do when requesting a telephone move

Update Online Directory Phone Number

The phone number you listed as "CofC Office" in MyCharleston will show up in the CofC Online Directory.

Voicemail - Change Recorded Name

Instructions to change the recorded name on a voice mail box

VoIP Phone Help

Learn how to use the Yealink T48 VoIP phone.

VoIP- Turn off Call Forwarding

This article provides instructions to turn off Call forwarding on VoIP phones

What is a softphone?

General information about softphones

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How to use the Self-Service portal, submit a ticket, or contact the IT Service Desk.