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Access Course Material from Previously Enrolled Course(s) in OAKS

This article provides information on whether students and alumni can access course material from a course that they aren't currently enrolled in via OAKS.

Add an Independent Study Student to Another OAKS Class

How to add a single independent study student to another class for content sharing.

Anonymous Marking (Blind Grading)

Anonymous or blind marking or grading, is systems of marking, particularly in higher-level education, where the instructor grades exams and assignments without being aware of the name or identity of the student who submitted it. The whole idea is that it has the potential to reduce positive or negative bias. This article will help to achieve this in OAKS.

Can't link an assignment to a grade in the OAKS grade book

Learn why you can't link an assignment to the grade book in OAKS.

Course dates listed incorrectly

How to extend a summer internship beyond one summer term.

Department needs the OAKS grade books of departed faculty members

Learn how a Chair can see the OAKS grades from a class whose faculty member is no longer at CofC.

Do not see DiversityEDU or DIVEDU course in OAKS

Student not seeing Diversity EDU course in OAKS either because course needs to be pinned or student was not added.

Founding Doucment Requirements (FDR) Score Not showing as Passed in Degree Works

Students has taken and passed the FDR Tests in OAKS, but passing scores not showing in Degree Works. Here is how to resolve thie issue

How do I download the answer key in Akindi?

This articles shows instructors how to download an answer key in Akindi.

How do I edit student information table on an Akindi bubble sheet?

Instructors may want to gather information about their students beyond simply the student's first and last name. For example, departments may wish to have the students indicate how far they have progressed (Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, or Senior), degree being sought (e.g., BA, BS, etc.). This article informs instructors that Akindi currently does not have this capability.

How do I share corrected bubble sheets with students?

This article shows instructors how to download and share corrected bubble sheets (response sheets) in Akindi.

How do I use Conditional Release Conditions in OAKS?

This KB article will guide you through setting up Release Conditions in OAKS Content. This means that a student must do specific work in an OAKS Content Module in order to unlock the next Content Module. *You must have both Content Modules and the Content, Quiz, Dropbox, or other OAKS Item to complete created in order to set this up with ease.

How to delete a sub-module from OAKS

When you accidentally created a sub-module in an OAKS course content module and can't delete it.

I cannot save grades when I enter them into one of my OAKS classes in the Grade book

Learn how to get your grades to save in a large class with multiple pages of grades.

Issues with content not showing up in class in the proper place

Learn how to have content display on the left side of content in OAKS.

My rubric isn't available in an OAKS assignment or discussion

Learn how to edit your rubrics so they are usable in an OAKS assignment or discussion.

No longer see class banner image in OAKS

No longer see course custom Banner image in OAKS

Pinning OAKS courses to the OAKS Homepage

Learn how to display your most current courses on your OAKS Homepage.

Saving discussion posts in OAKS

Saving discussion threads and associated posts in OAKS.

Self Registration in OAKS

The Self Registration tool is a link that is present ONLY on the OAKS MyHome page Navigation bar. The links name is “Self Registration for SPEC courses ONLY”
It allows any OAKS user to register for a how to use OAKS non-credit course called “Introduction to OAKS for Students” All OAKS users see it and could register. This is the only course that uses Self Registration. Students will have to go through normal registration process to register for all other CofC courses.

Should I prefill student information when creating an assessment in Akindi?

This article informs instructors of situations in which prefilling student information on an Akindi assessment is preferable and when it is not.

Starting January 1, 2020 OAKS no longer supports Internet Explorer.

Starting January 1, 2020 D2L/Brightspace (OAKS) no longer supports Internet Explorer.

Student Feedback on Quizzes in OAKS

This article shows instructors how they can let students see the questions they got correct/incorrect as well as the answers to the questions.

Student OAKS Start Date

This article describes when students will be able to access their courses' OAKS pages at the start of a term.

The OAKS white screen is very hard on my eyes. Too bright.

Workaround to adjust the brightness of the all white OAKS look to help avoid eyestrain.

View Sent Emails in OAKS

How to view your sent email in OAKS

Why don’t I see DiversityEDU course in OAKS? - Student

Not seeing DiversityEDU course in OAKS

Why don’t I see Founding Documents course in OAKS? - Student

Not seeing Founding Documents course in OAKS

You don't have any Courses

How do I get enrolled in OAKS courses as instructor?

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