Multiple Login Sessions with Spirit/Segra Unify App


Can I stay logged into more than one Segra/Spirit Unify app at one time?

I keep getting booted out of my Segra/Spirit Unify session.


Segra Unify/Spirit Unify

Mobile/Desktop Client


Only one login session for the soft phone (Segra Unify/Spirit Unify) can be active at a time. Any new login with your phone credentials, even to a different machine or type of app (Desktop, Mobile), will automatically log you out of your previous session to accommodate the new session.

If you or others in your department are sharing a soft phone login to have someone work a telephone during certain hours, it is is important that users fully log out of the application when done vs. just quit or exit the window. On a PC, there should be an option for File>Sign Out. On a Mac, the option is choosing Spirit Unify from the top toolbar, and then choosing Sign Out.

If users have the box labelled Sign in Automatically check marked, restarting the computer after sign in may cause them to auto log in- we advise against having that check marked if this is a shared line.

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