Zoom Audio: I could not hear the person I was meeting with but they could hear me


I could not hear the person I was meeting with but they could hear me




First, make sure that you have a camera and mic connected to your computer (Many web cameras have built in mics).

Also, if you are remotely connecting to another computer, don't connect to the Zoom meeting on the remote computer (using "remote audio"), but instead connect to the meeting using your local computer. This will allow the Zoom app to detect and use your local mic and camera for your meeting.


If all parties have a working mic set up but still no one can hear them, check the audio settings for the person who cannot be heard.

Host Can Unmute Participants

  1. As the host, once a meeting has started, click Manage Participants at the bottom of your Zoom app. This will open the participants window and allow you to see whether their microphone and video are muted. Muted items will be indicated by a red strike-through.
  2. Hover your mouse over the participant and select Unmute. As long as the participant has an audio device set up that is working, you will be able to hear them.


Participant Can Check Audio Settings

  1. As the participant, hover your mouse over the bottom of the Zoom app window to view Audio and Video settings.
  2. If your microphone has a red strike-through over it, you are muted. Click the microphone icon to Unmute.
  3. To adjust audio settings (such as changing audio input), click the arrow next to the microphone and select Audio Settings.
  4. Click Test Mic on the window that opens to make sure your mic is working. You can also select a different mic option on this window.
  5. If your mic is not working,
    • Make sure it is connected to your computer or plug in a different mic.
    • Sometimes you will need to disconnect from the meeting, restart your computer, and join again
    • Rarely, you may need to reinstall the audio device


Visit the Zoom Help Center for additional help


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