Installing ArcPro or ArcMap


I need to install ArcMap

I need to install ArcPro



CofC faculty and staff




Software Center



On a College Owned Computer Connected to the College Network

  1. In the Type here to search box, type in Software Center and choose it from the search results
  2. If needed, choose Applications on the left menu bar
  3. Choose ArcMap or ArcPro
  4. Click Install

On a Personally Owned Computer, or from Off Campus on a College Owned Computer

1. Visit and click Sign In in the upper right corner.
2. Log in with your credentials. If you do not have credentials, contact Ray Creede ( for assistance.
3. After logging in, click on Content in the menu at the top of the screen.
4. On the left side, underneath Categories, you should see Deliverables. Click on Deliverables.
5. Currently, ArcMap 10.7.1, ArcPro 2.4, and ArcPro 2.5 are available. Click on your desired version.
6. The download link will be listed under Description, as well as any patches that may be available. Please install all patches if available.


Do you still need assistance? Contact Ray Creede at


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