Access Courses in Cougar ED (Absorb)


As a faculty or staff (including student workers) I need access to Cougar ED (Absorb) to take a course assigned to me.

I am not able to log into Cougar ED. 


Cougar ED also known as Absorb


Accessing in Cougar ED (Absorb)

New employees need to have paperwork processed in HR and in Budgeting and Payroll before the names are pushed through an overnight process to upload into Absorb. It could take several days for this process to complete depending on the workload for each department. 

Student employees need to complete paperwork from the Career Center before they are able to begin work and be uploaded into Absorb.

From your Internet browser, access

  • If you are not currently logged into Office 365, you may need to provide your College credentials

  • If you do not have a LinkedIn Learning account, you may be prompted to create one

  • If you have an existing LinkedIn Learning account, you will be prompted if you would like to connect the two accounts (this is optional)

  • Select the My Courses tile to view any courses assigned to you

  • Select the Catalog tile to view all available courses

  • Click on Enroll to enroll in an available course of your choice

  • Click Start on the specific course to begin the course

  • Click Start within the course to begin the course content

Alternatively, you can use the search bar at the top of Cougar ED and type in a topic of your choice to view results. 

LinkedIn Learning courses are imported into Cougar ED. In order to view all available courses log into your Office 365 account.


* Do you still need help? Create a support ticket and someone will contact you. Get Additional Assistance

Contact Human Resources if you have questions about specific courses within Cougar ED.







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