Add an image to use as a Microsoft Teams Virtual Background


Use an image file to create a virtual background for a Microsoft Teams meeting.

Target Audience:

Faculty, staff and students are able to access Microsoft Teams.

Business Reason: 

I wanted to be able to show a virtual background during Microsoft Office Teams meetings, without using a green screen, or showing the actual background.


Keep in mind, you will need to be using the Teams desktop app, not the web version of Teams.

You can also use CofC images created for Zoom backgrounds.


Adding Image Backgrounds

1. Download all the background images, or just your favorite. (Note the location where it will save the file.)

2. Open or start a Microsoft Teams meeting, using the desktop application.

3. Make sure your camera is on.

4. Background settings should open on the right.

         a. If the meeting has already started, select the more options ellipsis in the icon thread near the bottom of the screen. 

5. Click Add new in the panel on the right.

 6. Access the files. (in my case the files went to “downloads” folder). Select the file you want as your background.

7. Click the file you would like.

8. Click Open to add the picture to the choices. 


Do you still need help?  Create a support ticket and someone will contact you.






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