Install AppsAnywhere Client after Validation Failed Error


A user selects the green button "I've already used AppsAnywhere on this device!" when using for the first time without having installed the AppsAnywhere client.

On the next visit to, validation takes a long time, then fails:

The user is not prompted to install the client again as a result of this problem.


Windows and Mac Operating Systems with any browser (Firefox, Safari, Edge, Chrome, Chromium, Internet Explorer, Opera, etc) that has cookies enabled.



The initial prompt can be triggered again by using ONE of the following options:

  • The user accesses from a different browser.
  • The user accesses by entering "privacy" or "incognito" mode on their browser.
  • The user clears all cookies from their browser and accesses again.

This will enable the user to correctly select "It's my first time using AppsAnywhere", which will begin the client installer download. The user should then proceed to install the client.


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Thu 8/13/20 11:27 AM
Fri 2/4/22 9:23 AM

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