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I need to install AppsAnywhere to access College of Charleston-provided software.





What is AppsAnywhere?

Instead of installing apps on each and every machine, AppsAnywhere allows applications to be delivered to students, faculty and staff on-demand through an app store-style platform, the AppsAnywhere Application Catalog. After launching applications from the Application Catalog, they are loaded and installed on the system and displayed in the Cloudpaging Player. The Cloudpaging Player allows you to get access to any of the apps you need, on and off-campus, regardless of your laptop's operation capacity. 

System Requirements

32-bit or 64-bit only

2GB RAM + 10GB free disk space

Windows 7 or 10

PC Install

You can see a 3 minute video or follow the steps below. 


1. Open a web browser and navigate to

2. At the login screen, enter your College of Charleston credentials and click Sign In.


3. You will be taken to a Welcome screen. Select the red box on the left to go through the install process.


3. The download will start automatically. Go through a normal install process. When you see the AppsAnywhere start screen, click Done on the install screen.


You will be taken to the AppsAnywhere dashboard. You will see a blue header indicating that the software is validating your credentials. Red exclamation marks are by the applications indicating that you are not yet validated.


The header will turn to green with a check mark and the text: Validation Successful.

4. Find an app you want to install. Click: Launch 


The Cloudpaging Player will launch showing the app use status. You can see the Cloudpaging icon on your status bar.


When the status turns to Ready, the application will launch.

  • NOTE: Some applications will take longer to launch due to their size and/or your Internet connection speed. This is only for the initial launch. 

  • You can check the Cloudpaging Player to see that you have the application installed. It will continue to work in the background so that when you want to use the application again, it is ready.

Using the app after install

You can access the AppsAnywhere installed app several ways.

Start Screen

Just as with any app, select the application from the Start Screen 


Cloudpaging Player

You can also launch the Cloudpaging Player to access all your apps.


Do you still need help?  Create a support ticket and a Service Desk technician will contact you. 




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