Cannot Accept Blogger Invitation


I am unable to accept an invitation to my professor's blog account.

When I click on "Accept Invitation" I get the following error:
"Blog Invitation Error
We could not find the invitation you requested. Please confirm that you copied the URL that was sent to you by email.
If you continue to have problems responding to invitations, please visit our Help Center for more information."


Invitation received in email will look like: 


The expected behavior is that when you click the button to Accept Invitation, it directs you to the screen to sign in, and then once you sign in, you can view the blog. 

If the invitation cannot be found, most likely it has expired and the originator of the invitation will need to send a new invitation. However, here are some other things to try as well:

  1. Make sure you are not signed into a personal Google account.
  2. Clear browser cache
  3. Try a private browsing window
  4. Try another web browser
  5. Search Blogger's Help site for more solutions: 
  6. If still not working, contact the person back and ask them to send you another invitation


Do you still need assistance? Create a support ticket and someone will contact you. Web Support Request


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Tue 9/1/20 12:27 PM
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