How do I view and participate in a Microsoft Teams Live Event?

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How do I attend and participate in a Microsoft Teams Live Event?

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Faculty, staff and students are all permitted to attend a live event that they have been invited to or were sent the event link in order to join.


All of the individuals participating in a Live Event have a role in the event. Participant, Presenter, Producer, or Organizer. Each role has different permissions, and the attendees have an alternate link to use in order to watch the event.

How do I


How do I participate and attend a Microsoft Live Teams Event.

  1. Use the attendee link for the Live Team Event to join the event.

  1. Click the link in the email or calendar invite.

  2. You will also have permissions to participate in a question and answer chat box, if the Q & A has been enabled for the event. The chat box is located in the icon thread with other information about the event. Your question could be answered by the moderator, or published in the chat, or live event so that everyone can see the answer.

  3. If you want you question presented as anonymous, make sure to select that option before the question is sent.



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