Set up Touch ID on an iPhone or iPad


How do I set up Touch ID on my iOS device?

My iphone or ipad keeps making me enter my username and password


iOS, running 14.4 or later


Setting up Touch ID will allow you to quickly unlock your phone.  Here are the steps for setting it up:

  1. Make sure that the Touch ID sensor and your finger are clean and dry.
  2. Tap Settings > Touch ID & Passcode, then enter your passcode.
  3. Tap Add a Fingerprint and hold your device as you normally would when touching the Touch ID sensor.
  4. Touch the Touch ID sensor with your finger—but don't press. Hold it there until you feel a quick vibration, or until you're asked to lift your finger.
  5. Continue to lift and rest your finger slowly, making small adjustments to the position of your finger each time.
  6. The next screen asks you to adjust your grip. Hold your device as you normally would when unlocking it, and touch the Touch ID sensor with the outer areas of your fingertip, instead of the center portion that you scanned first. If you have trouble enrolling one finger, try another. 

Do you still need help?  Create a support ticket and a Service Desk Technician will contact you. 


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