Zoom is Unable to Detect a Camera


Zoom says it is unable to detect a camera



IT Service Desk



The environment includes the specific information. (What operating system, application, or mobile device. Example: Windows, MyCharleston, Banner Finance )



Some common simple things to do if Zoom is not detecting the camera:

  1. Are you working remotely and connecting to an office computer? If so, make sure you are connecting to Zoom from your local computer, not the remote computer on campus. You can minimize your remote connection window and then connect to Zoom.
  2. Check the simple things first. Most of the time, one of these quick fixes will resolve the issue:
    1. Check the Zoom video settings, making sure the correct camera is selected
    2. If using an external camera, make sure it is plugged in all the way. It may have been bumped loose, or the port it's in may have gone bad.
      • Try unplugging it and moving it to a different USB port
    3. Try restarting the Zoom app. You can use Task Manager to verify the app is not running in the background after you close it, and then reopen Zoom and try again.
    4. Try restarting the computer.
  3. If still not working, use another app, such as Camera, to see if another app can detect the camera. This will help to determine if the issue is with the Zoom app or with the camera.
    1. If the camera can be used in another app, the issue is with the Zoom app
      1. Make sure Zoom app is up to date (Need to have administrative privileges on the computer) See Upgrade Zoom client for more details.
      2. Try uninstalling and reinstalling Zoom
    2. If the camera cannot be detected in any other apps, there is a problem with the camera or its drivers
      1. Check Device Manager to make sure that there is a camera connected to the computer. 
        • If Device Manager is not showing the device at all, check the port connections again and try restarting the computer again
        • You can check for device driver updates from Device Manager, if Device Manager recognizes the connection
        • Contact IT Service Desk for assistance with this if needed
      2. Replace the camera


Do you still need assistance? Submit a ticket and someone will contact you.


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