When a Cognos report doesn't prompt


I am trying to run a report in Cognos. I want to run the same report again, but with different classes. However, when I try to run the report again, it doesn't prompt me. Instead it shows the same report results from the last time I ran the report. How do I get it to prompt me again?






Often when a user has recently run a report or someone saved a version of a report, the report just displays without prompting for new criteria. If the person has run the report in the same open session of Cognos, Cognos, by default displays the previously run report.



In order to get a 'Refreshed' report, there are two ways of doing so.  

  1. Click the Ellipsis for the report.  
  2. Click 'Run As'
  3. Choose the output ex: html, excel, csv 
  4. Make sure the 'Prompt Me' is selected
  5. Click Run


The second way is after you are looking at the report output in html

  1. Click  the run arrow at the top left of the report screen.  This should reprompt you.



Do you still need help?  Create a support ticket and someone will contact you. 


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