College of Charleston's Privacy Course is Expiring


I've received an e-mail with the subject of, "Your Certificate for The College of Charleston's Privacy Policy: What you need to know! is expiring soon."

Is this a legitimate email? What do I need to do?







This short course is required for everyone who handles or has access to College of Charleston information or records, and needs to be completed on a yearly basis.

As a College of Charleston employee, you are responsible for respecting and maintaining the privacy of others when working with College information. You are the keeper of sensitive data pertaining to students, employees, alumni, and community members. That responsibility requires you to follow the College’s privacy policies and practices, which are governed by federal and state law. By safeguarding the privacy of others, we will foster a culture of privacy that supports responsible use of information to further the College’s mission and builds trust and loyalty among our community members.



  1. Log into your CougarEd account at
  2. Once logged in, choose My Courses
  3. Choose the Human Resources Faculty & Staff Compliance Training module
  4. If necessary, select Re-enroll
    • Re-enroll will be an option if you have taken the course, and your certificate has not expired yet. An email is sent out 30 days before it expires.
  5. Access the course and step through the training until it is completed
  6. Repeat yearly


Do you still need help?  Create a support ticket and a Service Desk technician will contact you. 



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