BDM Banner Document Management Scanner Set Up


How do I set up scanning in BDM?

How do I enable scanning in Banner Document Open Text AppXtender?



CofC Employees who use BDM



Banner Open Text AppXtender 16.6

You must have admin rights on your computer to run the setup file

You must be a member of the security group, BDMSUsers, in order to access the captiva setup file (If you are not, please have your supervisor Request Access)



Due to the Banner modernization, BDM is upgraded and instructions for enabling scanning are different now. It is now called Banner Open Text AppXtender, though some people may still refer to it as BDM.



You will need to run a set up file and enable scanning in Banner Document Open Text AppXtender.

1.To enable scanning please run this one time setup file – it does no harm even if you just occasionally scan!


2. You will also need to check the Enable Scanning checkbox under your user profile.



Do you still need help?  Create a support ticket and a technician will contact you. 




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