How do I find my list of advisees in DegreeWorks?

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On DegreeWorks, I now have access to all students, but how do I find a list of my advisees?




DegreeWorks was updated in Summer 2021, and faculty now have expanded ability to look up and advise any student at CofC, not just their advisees. With the upgrade, we currently do not have a list of one’s own advisees within DegreeWorks. 


You may use the search feature within DegreeWorks to search for your advisee by name or ID. Alternatively, use these instructions to view your listing. 

  1.  1. Open the Faculty tab on MyCharleston

  1. 2. In the Banner Self-Service channel, select Faculty and Advisors > Student Information Menu > Advisee Listing 

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Tip: You may launch DegreeWorks and your Advisee Listing in side-by-side tabs on your browser.  


Note: We are currently working with the vendor about other solutions or updates to DegreeWorks to make this list more accessible.  



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