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MyPortal is an app (mobile and web-based) that allows the College of Charleston community to easily do business with the College by providing access to applications and services. Powered by CampusM, MyPortal is more than a replacement for MyCharleston -- it is a one-stop app designed for mobile use and providing content based on a user’s role.The app and web interface offer a direct path to academic and administrative information and services, and the customizable platform makes it simple and easy to manage all facets of life at the College of Charleston. 


MyPortal allows you to better enhance your experience by customizing various areas and functions of the app and web interface. The app uses tile icons that link to another app or campus service. The home screen personalization includes the ability to customize tile layout, moving, adding and selectively removing tiles. You can make the app your own -- moving what’s important to you to the top of the screen and removing those tiles that may not apply or be necessary.

All MyPortal users can:

  •     Move and arrange tiles on their home screen
  •     Add and remove selected tiles from their home screen
  •     Search and find new tiles to enhance their home screen
  •     Synchronize web interface home screen customizations across devices, retaining their layout as they move from one desktop to another


To view the most recent information about the MyPortal project, visit the Technology Transformation site.

Watch this Tech Talk Tuesday clip to see a demo.

Quick Questions/Answers:

Q: Is MyPortal complete?

A: No, MyPortal is not complete, but it is rather a work in progress under continuous development both on the vendor side and on our side. The vendor, Ex Libris Group, releases new versions of the app each month according to an official release schedule, and internally we will continue building on and improving MyPortal in response to feedback from the campus.


Q: How can I provide feedback about my experience with MyPortal?

A: There is a MyPortal Feedback tile on everyone's dashboard that links out to a Microsoft Form which you can fill out to provide any feedback you may have, whether it's about a problem you are experiencing or it's an idea for improving the app moving forward. We highly encourage everyone who uses MyPortal to use this form to provide feedback, because this will play an important role in the continued development and improvement of the app to make both the desktop and the mobile version as intuitive and useful as possible in your day to day life at the College. Of course, the app stores also allow you to rate and leave reviews for the app.


Q: When will MyPortal officially launch?

A: Although an early version of MyPortal can be accessed currently, the official launch of MyPortal, with a full marketing and communications effort, will happen in conjunction with Self Service Banner 9.


Q: When will MyCharleston go away?

A: As it stands, the intended timeline is to announce the closure date of MyCharleston with an email to campus and other forms of communication in Spring 2022.


Q: What exactly are tiles in MyPortal?

A: Tiles are the main building blocks of the MyPortal dashboard.

  1. Most tiles simply act as links, linking out to other applications like the College Bookstore, eBill, and so on.
  2. Other tiles, like the OAKS tile and the My Holds tile for students, integrate with other apps to pull in key insights that you can quickly see from your home screen. So, a student can easily see how many holds they have on their account, if any, and they can view details about those holds using the My Holds tile, and they can quickly see any if any new feedback, discussions, or quizzes are available in OAKS for their classes using the OAKS tile.
  3. Some tiles are Content Menu tiles, meaning they open menus of options belonging under some umbrella or category. For example, the Transcripts tile for students opens a Content Menu of transcript-related links.


Q: How is the dashboard personalized?

A: MyPortal personalizes your dashboard, that is, which tiles you see on your dashboard, based on your role at the College. More specifically, it integrates with Azure Active Directory so when you sign on with your Office 365 account, your group memberships are recognized and MyPortal knows which content is relevant to you.


Q: How can I access MyPortal on the web?

A: MyPortal lives at myportal.cofc.edu. When you go to this URL, you can choose the Log In option to sign in with your College of Charleston Office 365 credentials, and this will bring you to your dashboard.


Q: Is MyPortal secure?

A: Because MyPortal uses O365 for authentication, and we require multifactor authentication for these accounts, your MyPortal account is quite secure.


Q: How can I customize my dashboard?

A: You can use the arrange feature, which works on both the web version and on the mobile app. Using the Arrange feature, you can customize your dashboard to highlight what's important to you and hide what isn't by moving tiles around and toggling their visibility to suit your needs. See the article Customize MyPortal: Rearrange, Hide, or Unhide Tiles for more details.


Q: Can I rename tiles or change their colors?

A: Unfortunately, this is not currently an option, but this has been submitted to the app developers as a feature request.


Q: Can I create my own folders for the tiles?

A: Unfortunately, this is not currently an option either, but this has been submitted to the developers as another feature request.


Q: Is there a search feature?

A: Yes, both the web and the mobile app provide a useful search tool that you can use to search for content within your dashboard. The search feature searches not only across the main dashboard, but it also searches across any menus that may be on your dashboard. For example, the Transcripts tile I mentioned previously for students opens a Content Menu containing transcript-related links, all of which are searchable even though they're not on the main dashboard.


Q: How can I install the mobile version?

A: MyPortal is available for iOS on the App Store and for Android on the Google Play Store; you just need to search for "College of Charleston MyPortal" to find and install it.


Q: Does the mobile app support Face ID?

A: Yes, the mobile app for MyPortal does support Face ID, so you can log into MyPortal on mobile simply by looking at your device when you open the app instead of having to enter your login information each time.


Additional Information

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Do you still need assistance? Please create a support ticket and someone will contact you.


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