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How do I access MyPortal?

Where do I log into MyPortal?

What is the website for MyPortal?

What username and password do I use for MyPortal?

Where do I go to install the MyPortal app on my mobile device?



College of Charleston (CofC) faculty, staff, and students



Driven by the 2020 College of Charleston Strategic Plan, the Technology Transformation program - multiple projects, including the MyPortal project - supports all three pillars and lays the foundation to fulfill the College‚Äôs mission of being a transformative national university redefining liberal arts through innovation.

MyPortal is an app (mobile and web-based) that allows the College of Charleston community to easily do business with the College by providing access to applications and services. The MyPortal app serves students, staff and guests, offering a direct path to academic and administrative information and services. The customizable platform makes it simple and easy to manage all facets of life at the College of Charleston.



Web Interface

  1. Enable JavaScript and cookies in your favorite browser on your desktop computer or laptop.
    • The web app supports all leading browsers (Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari).
  2. Go to
  3. Choose College of Charleston Member
  4. Use your CofC Microsoft credentials to sign in.
    • Enter your CofC email address for the username
      • If you have both an and an email address, use the address
      • If you do not have a CofC email address yet (such as applicants, new students who have not made deposits yet, or alumni), use your login followed by as the username. Your login may be the same as your CWID.
    • Your cougars password is the password - the same you use for logging into computers, OAKS, Eduroam, etc. If this is your first time signing in (whether MyCharleston, MyPortal, Scholarships, OAKS, etc.), the initial password is: CWID + birthdate (mmddyy) + A! 
      • For example, if your CWID is 90000009 and your birthdate is is Jan 5, 1995, then your initial password is: 90000009010595A!
    • Forgot your password? Use Self Service Password Reset to change it. Learn more about Self Service Password Reset here
    • MyPortal uses Single Sign On (SSO), so if you are already logged into your account for another CofC application that uses the CofC Microsoft credentials in your web browser, it will automatically sign you in
  5. If you have multiple roles at the college, you will also be prompted to select a specific profile (Student, Faculty, Staff, Alumni). The chosen profile will determine which tiles are visible to you. You can switch tiles later if you like.


Mobile App

  1. Make sure your device meets minimum requirements for the app
  2. Go to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store
  3. Look for the College of Charleston MyPortal app
  4. Download the app and open it
  5. Enter your CofC Microsoft credentials to sign in
    • (see Web Interface section above for more detail)



Do you still need help?  Create a support ticket and a Service Desk technician will contact you. 





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