Microsoft Teams – Allow Screen Sharing in macOS

Beginning with macOS Catalina 10.15, Apple introduced new security controls to better protect your computer. For example, apps are now required to ask your permission before accessing your webcammicrophone, or recording/sharing your screen. This has a direct impact on Microsoft Teams as all of these settings must be allowed to use MS Teams at its full capacity.

To configure your security settings for MS Teams, please do the following:

  1. Check your macOS version – the following steps are only available in macOS 10.15 Catalina and macOS 11 Big Sur. To check your macOS version click the Apple menu in the top-left corner, then select “About This Mac“. If you’re running macOS 10.15.x or macOS 11+, continue on.
  2. Click the Apple menu in the top-left corner, then select “System Preferences…“. From the window that appears, select “Security & Privacy
  3. Click the padlock in the lower-left corner of the window. Enter your computer username and password – this will allow you to make the necessary changes.
  4. You’ll need to allow MS Teams to access your CameraMicrophoneAccessibilityFiles and Folders, and Screen Recording. To do this, select the item from the left column, scroll through the list of applications, and make sure that Teams is checked
  5. Repeat this process for:
    • Camera
    • Microphone
    • Accessibility
    • Screen Recording
  6. Quit and relaunch Microsoft Teams for these changes to take effect.


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Fri 8/13/21 9:59 AM
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