MyPortal Login Error: "Invalid Username/Password; Logon Denied"


When I try to access the Registration tools via MyCharleston or MyPortal, I receive an error that says, "Invalid username/password; logon denied."  I was not prompted to login.


Current students


MyPortal, Registration Tools


This can sometimes occur if you have cached credentials from a previous session. Your SAML token is older than the allowed setting, resulting in the error.


To clear this error, try the suggestions below. Also, be sure to login via MyPortal directly ( Try logging in again after each suggestion.

  1. Simply sign out and sign back in again.
    • If you were using MyCharleston, go to and sign in
    • If you were already using MyPortal, sign out and back in again
  2. Close and reopen the browser window
  3. Clear your browser cache
  4. Login using an incognito window
  5. Login using a different web browser: Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Edge

Do you still need help?  Create a support ticket and someone will contact you "Invalid Username/Password; Logon Denied" Error- MyPortal



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Tue 3/15/22 8:16 AM
Fri 7/15/22 9:21 AM

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