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How do I view photos of students in my class?

How do I download my class roll with photos in MyPortal?




MyPortal, Self Service Banner 9 (SSB 9)


SSB 9 has different functionality than SSB 8, which is what was used in MyCharleston. MyCharleston and SSB 8 used outdated technology that is being phased out of our environment.


There is only one view of the class roster (aka class list) in SSB 9. Individual student pictures cannot be printed, but there is a thumbnail of the student pictures on the roster that can be printed.

To get to the class roster in SSB 9:

  1. Within MyPortal, click the Faculty Dashboard tile.
  2. Click on Class List.
    class list
  3. Select the course from your assigned courses list to open the class roster.
    • Narrow down the list by selecting Term
    • Or click on the Term Header row to sort by term and put the current term on top


  1. Thumbnail pictures of each student appear to the left of their name, if a picture is available. 
    • At the top-right, you may click Print (to print the roster) or Export to export the roster to Excel, but take note, this does not include pictures or e-mail addresses. If you need to export e-mail addresses alongside student names, you can use OAKS to export your class list.
    • If there are no thumbnail pictures for any of the students or Print is greyed out, please try disabling any Ad Blocking software or plug-ins for the website.

      Class List with Photos
    • you can also hover over the student's name and see a slightly larger thumbnail or click on the name to see the Student Profile Page with a larger picture and more information about the student:




Want to know more about navigating SSB 9? See the article About SSB 9 to view the pdf with instructions/screenshots.

Do you still need help?  Contact the Registrar's Office for further assistance. 


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