How do I access my email via MyPortal?

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How do I access my email when I'm in MyPortal?



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Instead of looking for "OWA," look for a tile labeled Outlook. Clicking on this tile will open your email in a separate tab.

  • Don't see Outlook? You may need to unhide the tile. See the article Customize MyPortal for details on how.


Outlook is also available from the My Apps tile. To access Outlook from the My Apps tile:

  1. Choose the My Apps tile
  2. Choose the Outlook app. If you do not see Outlook listed as one of the apps, you can get to it by doing either of the following:
    • Click the waffleimage of waffle in the upper left corner and choose Outlook
    • Or, click "Apps" which allows you to view all apps. Scroll through the alphabetically ordered list and choose Outlook.
  3. Outlook will open in your browser, allowing you to view your CofC email.


Do you still need help?  Create a support ticket and a Service Desk technician will contact you. 





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