Map Network Drives (Windows)


User can’t find or open the server file or folder in computer/network location.


Remote Access


Folder is not located in the user’s computer /network location.



Windows 10

  1. Open Windows File Explorer
  2. Righ Click This PC from the left hand index of choice to get a drop down menu of more choices
  3. Select Map Network Drive from the drop down menu that displays
  4. Select any drive letter that is not already in use (Windows will automatically assign an available one)
  5. Type the file path in the Folder field. If you do not know the entire path, type in the server name and click browse (ex: \\pitt), then click Browse and select the subsequent folders.
    • Of special note, if you are going to be accessing the network drive while working remotely, or over wireless connection, you may need to enter the fully qualified domain name for it to connect. To do this, enter behind the server name. For example, if I wanted to map to the Data folder located on the pitt server, the file path when mapping would like like: \\\Data
  6. Check the Reconnect at logon checkbox
  7. Click Finish

If you are prompted for a login, be sure to put in your username as Cougars\USERNAME. The password would be the same you use for If you would like to create a shortcut to the mapped drive directly on the desktop, you can do so simply by clicking on the mapped drive in Windows Explorer, and dragging it to the Desktop.

Do you still need help? Create a support ticket and someone will contact you. Network Folder/File Access