Migrate Data from CofC Google Account to OneDrive


How do I move all of my files off of my Google Drive to OneDrive?

How do I archive my Google Drive data?

How do I move my files from Google Drive to my College OneDrive account? 

Can I use Google Takeout to move files to my College OneDrive account?



CofC Employees and Students with Google Apps accounts



Google Drive

Microsoft OneDrive



Due to changes in Google's G Suite for Education services, storage limits will be imposed on CofC Google accounts. To ensure you stay within the limits, you may need to migrate your data.



To bulk migrate items in your Google account, including Drive items, you can use Google Takeout.  Unfortunately, Google Takeout does not support OneDrive for Business accounts as a direct transfer method, but you can create an archived zipped file and then unzip it in your OneDrive account.


Know Before You Begin

  • File permissions (shared settings) will not transfer when you migrate data- you will need to reshare these files via OneDrive once uploaded
  • Native Google Apps (Sheets, Docs, etc.) will be converted to the Microsoft version (Sheets to Excel, Docs to Word Document)
    • Forms is not transferable at this time
  • If you have a large data amount in your Google Drive, IT can help you with migrating your data storage. Please submit a support ticket outlining your request.
  • College data must be stored in line with security policies. Where to store CofC files
  • If this is departmental data (not individual use) - there are other options outside of OneDrive that may be more appropriate 


Steps to Use Google Take Out

Step 1: Create Data Archive Zipped File

  1. Open your web browser and navigate to Google Takeout page.
  1. Sign in with your CofC Google Apps account credentials if prompted.
  2. You will then be prompted for the data you'd like to back up. You can select items you'd like to back up to OneDrive individually or en masse
  3. Once all necessary items are selected, choose Next Step
  4. Choose Delivery Method to be Send Download Link Via Email
    • There are other methods that can be used (transferring to a personal email/drive account), but keep in mind the following:
      • OneDrive- this option is for personal OneDrive (non-CofC account). You cannot use this option for your CofC OneDrive for Business account.
      • Google Takeout Drive Link
  5. Choose Create Export- this may take some time to run, but then you'll see a prompt to Download the export
    1. If you lose the page while this export is being created you can navigate back to the page at a later time
    2. You will also be emailed a notice once the export is complete
    3. Keep in mind exports only last for about a week- they will expire after that time and must be downloaded before then
  6. Choose the option to Download next to the export you ran- you will be prompted to sign in again
  7. A zipped file named takeout with a string of numbers will appear in your Downloads now or you will be prompted where you'd like to save it- keep note of that location if you save it outside of your Downloads


Step 2: Unzip Files Directly to OneDrive or Locally

  1. If you'd like to save directly to OneDrive, you must have the desktop version of OneDrive installed on your machine- Install OneDrive
  2. Proceed with unzipping the files
  3. When prompted where to Unzip:
    • If you'd like items to be stored locally, you can zip to a folder in your Documents or elsewhere on the machine
    • If you'd like to save directly to OneDrive, please locate the option for OneDrive- College of Charleston in your File Explorer or Finder menu- that will allow you to directly save to OneDrive vs. locally
  4. It may take OneDrive some time to upload the data


Do you still need help?  Create a support ticket and a Service Desk technician will contact you. 



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