Uploading Video Files in the OAKS Assignments / Dropbox


Why can't my students successfully upload a video file in the OAKS Assignments / Dropbox or Discussion board?


The OAKS Assigments / Dropbox and Discussion board attachment will accept most common file types (ex. DOC, PDF, PPT). However, Students should not upload audio or video files into the OAKS. They may experience issues with either their network, file size, or file type incompatibility which will prevent them from successfully uploading the file. Instead we recommend two options that integrate with OAKS: Kaltura or VoiceThread.

  • Kaltura MediaSpace is a Youtube-like, online media area specifically for CofC faculty, staff and students. Unlike other media servers on campus Kaltura is available to students so it can be used to house and upload student media projects.
    READ how a student can use Kaltura to submit an audio or video assignment.
  • VoiceThread is an online digital storytelling program that allows users to upload pictures or presentations then add a voice or video recording as commentary. Students will access and use VoiceThread in the same way as an Instructor. They will create and share in the exact same way. The primary difference is that Instructors have a Pro account which allows them to create as many Voicethreads as they want until they reach 2 GB of space. Students have a Basic account which allows them 1 GB of space or 50 Voicethreads (whichever comes first)
    READ how a student can use VoiceThread to submit an audio or video assignment.

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