Log into Cmail the First Time


How do I create my Cmail account?

How do I set up my Cmail account?

How to log into student Cmail?



Cmail accounts for Students and Alumni



Once you (students) make all required deposits, you will receive a new username (letters, not numbers) to log into MyCharleston. The Cmail account is created at the same time and will be in the format of username@g.cofc.edu. There is no further action needed to set up or create the account. You only need to log into the account and accept the terms of agreement.


To Log Into Cmail:

  1. Login to your MyCharleston account.
  2. Click the Cmail icon (located along the top) MyCharleston Header
  3. Enter your email address (in the format of username@g.cofc.edu)
  4. Default password will be set as CWID+DOB+A! (Example: 00000000MMDDYYA!)

Cmail Login page

  1. Create a new password.
  2. Accept the terms of agreement.
  3. You will then be logged into your Cmail account!


Changing your MyCharleston password does not reset your Cmail account password, but you can reset your Cmail password at any time to match your MyCharleston password. See this article for more information.


Do you still need help? Create a support ticket and someone will contact you.  Cmail Password Reset